Dawnguard Pact

Brotherhood of the Clouds
Terradoxia Flag

Treaty Type: Mutual Aggression and Defense Pact
Treaty Signed: 12 March 2015
Treaty Status: Defunct

History Edit

After the failure and dissolution of the Citadel Council bloc, signatories the Brotherhood of the Clouds and the United States of Terra abandoned further diplomatic ties with the Earth Systems Alliance and established the Dawnguard Pact.

The Dawnguard Pact is mostly similar to the Citadel Accords in that it shows emphasis on keeping the White Sphere unified (mostly), but takes a much more scaled back, less aggressive approach than the Citadel Accords took.

After the formation of Terradoxia from the merger between the United States of Terra and Paradoxia, the Dawnguard pact transferred over to Terradoxia.

Dawnguard Pact Edit

Section 1

Non-Aggression and Intelligence

1: All signatories hereby agree that no sanctioned aggression will occur between them, neither covert or overt.

2: In the event of unsanctioned aggression, all signatories agree to discuss the issue privately, and to handle the matter in a friendly and diplomatic manner.

3: Any and all information deemed appropriate is to be shared between the signatories in the interest of mutual prosperity and security.

Section 2

Mutual Defense and Mutual Aggression

1: Signatories agree to defend one another in the event that one comes under attack. This includes financial, political, and military assistance to the best of the signatories abilities.

2: Should a signatory desire to perform an offensive military action they must communicate with the other signatories no less than 24 hours before any military actions are taken. Should any other signatory alliances also wish to engage in warfare, a 24 hour vote and discussion shall also take place with a unanimous vote requirement to pass from the Dawnguard leadership.

Section 3

Dawnguard Leadership

1: Leadership of the Dawnguard Pact Shall be made up of the following individuals from each signatory; President of the BoC, and President of the UST or equivalent positions.

2: Should either signatory President not be available, the title of leadership shall fall to their Vice-Presidents or equivalent positions, until said signatory leader returns.

Section 4

Amending the Treaty and Modification of Membership

1: These treaty contents may be modified by unanimous consent from all signatories of the Dawnguard Pact.

2: Any signatory must give 72 hours notice to the other signatories if they wish to withdraw from this treaty, after which their treaty obligations are no longer in effect.


Signed for BoC Edit

President- Lord Frostsword

Vice-President- iljohn

Chief Justice- Fistofdoom

Minister of Defense- Mchenry

Minister of Foreign Affairs- Conroy

Minister of Internal Affairs- Livius Clades

Minister of Education- Ashland

Minister of Propaganda- Tal Vasa

Minister of Finance- Pegleg

Deputy Minister of Finance- Brian Hurlston

Deputy Minister of Finance- Goomy

Signed for UST Edit

President: Morgan

Vice President: James Faulkner

Secretary of Internal Affairs: sycho14k

Deputy Secretary of Internal Affairs: Destroyer

Secretary of Foreign Affairs: Josh Freer

Deputy Secretary of Foreign Affairs: Giamatti

Secretary of Defense: Fallen

Secretary of the Treasury: SeeRed

Deputy Secretary of the Treasury: Bryce Kelley

Secretary of Justice: Utz

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