Dawn Rising

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Flag of Dawn Rising

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Basic Details
Founded May 6, 2021
Color Aqua
Status Active
Discord Server Join Here
Supreme Commander Weeby
Grand Marshal Nancho
Economic Affairs Arcturus
Military Affairs Communist
Foreign Affairs Cisban
Internal Affairs Archie
Human Resources KingAri101
As of 06/05/2021 (MM/DD/YYYY)
Total Nations 35
Score 26,271.54
Average Score 1,158.77
Alliance Rank 72
Active Blocs
Active Treaties
Protectorate of Wei

Dawn Rising (DR) is an aqua team alliance founded on May 6, 2021. The alliance is the successor of Nova Roma.

This alliance was formed by the members Weeby (Supreme Commander) and Nancho (General).


"There is a new Dawn Rising over Orbis." - Weeby

In-game Link


Government Hierarchy

Dawn Rising consists of six government hierarchies: Supreme Commander, who leads the Empire; General, who assists the leader and assumes the role of Interim Leader in the event the Supreme Commander needs a leave of absence. Colonel, who leads a government department; Major, who assists a Colonel. Captain, the base level departmental staff. And an Lieutenant, a government trainee role.

Membership consists of three membership Hierarchies: Corporal, who is a full member of DR with the full rights stated in the agreement, Private, a corporal in training who begun the path to become a soldier and has their own rights under the agreement. Recruit, who is applying and has not yet taken the step to membership.


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