Darkness then Redness then Whiteness Accords

Rose Peace Flag
Obelisk Flag

Treaty Type: MDP
Treaty Signed: December 8, 2016
Treaty Status: Active

The Darkness then Redness then Whiteness Accords is a Mutual Defense Pact signed between Rose and Obelisk on December 8, 2016.

Article 1 - Bushido and the Obelisk Code Edit

The samurai of Rose and the druids of Obelisk are tied to one another through an unbreakable bond. We are old friends, and wish to see one another succeed. Both parties will always honor a call to defend the other in the event that either party should be attacked.

Article 2 - Running Through the Shadows Edit

This is a non-chaining treaty. Should either party declare a war, then receive counter attacks from other alliances, there is no obligation for the other to come to their defense against the counterattacking alliances.

Article 3 - Magical Carrier Swallows Edit

Both parties agree to be open and share information with one another. All details of foreign affairs moves and major internal information will be shared between the two parties.

Article 4 - Treaty Seppuku Edit

Should either party so desire, the treaty can be cancelled providing 72 hours notice is given.

Article 5 - BFFS Edit

Rose and Obelisk will be best friends forever <3

Signatures Edit

Signed for Obelisk Edit

Park - Supreme Council
Prezyan - Supreme Council
Ockey 5- Minister Of Internal Affairs
Chappie-Minister of Foreign Affairs
Nataniel Drake- Minister of Military Affairs
Lank- Minister of Economic Affairs
Turner- Governor of Internal Affairs
Unlimited- Governor of Foreign Affairs
Master- Governor of Military Affairs
Julian G- Governor of Economic Affairs

Signed for Rose Edit

Durmij - Shogun
Lilac Veritas - Empress/ Daimyo of Economics
Qital - Daimyo of Foreign Affairs
Reinhard - Daimyo of Internal Affairs
Rozz - Daimyo of War
Kurdanak - Daimyo of Gifs

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