This alliance has disbanded as of December 2016.


Don't Panic Flag

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Basic Details
Founded November 11, 2016
Headquarters Europe
Color Pink
Status Defunct
Towel Keeper Jacob Hanson
The Panikked Vacant
Rather Worried
  • Joe Stupid
  • Oedipus
  • G Washington
  • Keyser Stalin
  • Khan
  • Wyatt Half-Hand
As of November 12, 2016
Total Nations 8
Score 14,002.97
Average Score 1,750.37
Alliance Rank 42
Active Blocs
Active Treaties

DON'T PANIC was a pink team alliance formed on November 11, 2016 as a splinter alliance of Arrgh!. It fought Alpha and Fark for its entire existence and later disbanded after around a month and a half towards the end of December when its leader left and joined Pantheon.

History Edit

Planning for the alliance began around the end of October 2016, due to disagreements with some of Arrgh!'s current policies including but not limited to disagreements with some of their leadership, their raid list being too strict, and protection contracts being a waste of money. It was formed by Jacob Hanson, former Grand Admiral of Arrgh. Shortly after their formation, they began a mass raid on Fark and Alpha causing a war with both which lasted over a month. DON'T PANIC slowly lost its membership throughout the conflict and those that remainined had their nations decimated by the weeks of war. The alliance disbanded towards the end of December when its leader retired to Pantheon.

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