This alliance was annexed into Rose on 21st April 2019.


Flag of DEFCON 1

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Basic Details
Founded 03/11/2018
Headquarters North America
Color Red
Status Defunct
Supreme Ranger Alexandros o Megas
Senior Ranger of Internal Affairs Alrea
Senior Ranger of Foreign Affairs & Finance Alexandros o Megas
Government Advisor Bunnet
Senior Ranger of Military HiredGun
As of 21/10/2018
Total Nations 18
Score 39682.69
Average Score 2204.59
Alliance Rank 50
Active Blocs
Active Treaties
Black Knights Protectorate
Guardians of Galaxy Protectorate
Argos MDoAP

DEFCON 1 (More commonly known as D1) was an alliance based around the Red Sphere, founded on the 11th of March, 2018. The alliance grew to the top #50 in it's first week and now possess the #46th position.

Motto - Fight with honour and die with dignity!

War Cry - Rangers lead the way!

Unofficial Motto - Feet first into hell!

Description Edit

Forged in the heart of war, D1 Rangers are the best of the best. Famous for their courageous (Some would say suicidal) actions in battle they represent the elite of our society, with a reputation of jumping feet first into hell and coming back out again without a scratch.

DEFCON 1 reached in its first 4 days the Top 50 among Alliances here and is advancing at a fast pace in both score and military. We accept old and new nations alike and offer guidance and kickstarters to both.

Initially it was a Protectorate of Cobras Kai Dojo and later on of Knight Templars.

On June 3rd DEFCON 1 merged with Frostbite and Western Union to form Ordo Paradoxia. Protectorate agreement with Knight Templars was cancelled. The merge itself lasted only 22 days, as even though Ordo Paradoxia continues its existence, DEFCON 1 members left it, returning to restart DEFCON 1. Black Knights offered a Protectorate Treaty to DEFCON 1.

Government Edit

Supreme Ranger

Alexandros o Megas

Senior Ranger of Military


Senior Ranger of Internal Affairs


Senior Ranger of Foreign Affairs & Finance

Alexandros o Megas

Senior Government Advisor


Assistant Rangers

Alokforu, ResurrectionSon, Dynamite, Urtred of Bembaberg

Treaties Edit

Current - MDoAP with Argos

Protectors - Black Knights, Guardians of Galaxy

Protector -

Former -


Conflicts Edit

War Combatants Outcome Casus Belli
The Thursday War DEFCON 1 vs. Arrgh Stalemate Coordinated raid on government member
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