D-72 Kuslov
Type Strategic bomber
Place of origin DC Flag Armed Republic of Dvinmiste Capia
Service history
In service 2029-Present
Used by DC Flag Armed Republic of Dvinmiste Capia
Production history
Designer Khirkash Company
Manufacturer Khirkash Company
Unit cost $99.9 million per unit
Produced 2029-Present
Weight Empty: 185,000 lb (83,250 kg)

Gross: 265,000 lb (120,000 kg)

Length 159 ft 4 in (48.5 m)
Width 488,000 lb (220,000 kg)
Height 1140 ft 8 in (12.4 m)
Crew 5 (pilot, copilot, weapon systems officer, navigator, electronic warfare officer, and tail gunner)

Barrels 6-barrel (progressive RH parabolic twist, 9 grooves)
Action Hydraulically operated, electrically fired, rotary cannon
Rate of fire 6,600 rounds per minute
Muzzle velocity 3,450 feet per second (1,050 m/s) with PGU-28/B round
Feed system Belt or linkless feed system

1× 20 mm (0.787 in) M61 Vulcan cannon
70,000 lb (31,500 kg) mixed ordnance; bombs, mines, missiles, in various configurations
Engine Pratt & Whitney J57-P-29W, J57-P-29WA, or J57-P-19W series engines
10,500 lbf (46.71 kN)
Payload capacity 70,000 lb (31,500 kg)
Fuel capacity 47,975 U.S. gal (39,948 imp gal; 181,610 L)
Speed Maximum speed: 560 kn (650 mph, 1,047 km/h)

Cruise speed: 442 kn (525 mph, 844 km/h)

Guidance system *Electro-optical viewing system that uses platinum silicide forward looking *infrared and high resolution low-light-level television sensors
  • ADR-8 chaff rocket
  • LITENING Advanced Targeting System
  • Sniper Advanced Targeting Pod
  • IBM AP-101 computer
The D-72 Kuslov is a jet-powered strategic bomber and long-range gunship meant to provide close air support to ground troops. It is equipped with anti-air guns on its wings and can drop heavy bombs, and its size is enough to carry support tanks on its wings, is also capable of using its jet engines to burn anything underneath it. It has been operated by the Capian Air Force (CAF). The bomber is capable of carrying up to 70,000 pounds (32,000 kg) of weapons, and has a typical combat range of more than 8,800 miles (14,080 km) without aerial refueling and was built to carry nuclear weapons. A veteran of several wars, the B-52 has dropped only conventional munitions in combat. The D-72's official name Kuslov is rarely used; informally, the aircraft has become commonly referred to as the BUFF (Big Ugly Fat Fucker). Superior performance at high subsonic speeds and relatively low operating costs have kept the D-72 in service.

General characteristics



  • Guns: 1× 20 mm (0.787 in) M61 Vulcan cannon originally mounted in a remote controlled tail turret on the H-model, removed from all current operational aircraft in 1991
  • Bombs: Approximately 70,000 lb (31,500 kg) mixed ordnance; bombs, mines, missiles, in various configurations.


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