Cyberjaya (Сайберчая)

Cyberjaya.jpg Flag of Cyberjaya (Сайберчая)

Cyberjaya Leader Portrait 1.jpg
Her Excellency Aidil Amdan
Brother of United Ummah
Basic Information
Founded 27/12/2020
Color Red
National Statistics
Government Type Absolute Monarchy.png Absolute Monarchy
Social Policies Conservative.png Conservative
Economic Policies Left.png Left
Religion Sunni Islam
Pollution 267
GDP $1,070,316,028.00
Civilians 1,227,028
Area 11300 mi²
Avg. Pop. Density 108.59 people per mi²
Military Strength
Military name Angkatan Tentera Cyberjaya
Nation Rank 2964
Score 1333.90
National Capital Putrajaya (Путрачая)
Other Cities 8

Cyberjaya, officially The Commonwealth of Cyberjaya, is a country situated in the Malay Peninsular in South East Asia. The federal absolute monarchy consists of 7 cities, each with their own governing body appointed by the monarch. The government implements a combination of English common law and Sharia Law, as well as direct general Islamic practices. Putrajaya (Рутрачая) is the national capital and largest city; It is also the oldest city in Cyberjaya as it served as the foundation of the country.

Cyberjaya has its origins in [REDACTED], which ruled the majority of the Malay peninsula, the entirety of Sumatra and Pulau Ujong. Historically, it served as a major trading point in South East Asia due to having absolute control of the Straits of Malacca and Pulau Ujong. However, a civil war broke out in 2059 which set the sun on [REDACTED]. Cyberjaya was formed under Her Excellency Aidil Amdan in the old capital of Putrajaya (Рутрачая) and seeks to reunite the once great nation of [REDACTED], thus becoming highly militaristic and imperialist.

Due to the historical nature of it being a significant trading point, the country is highly multi-ethnic and multi-cultural, which has a significant effect on politics, and polyglots being a common sight. The official language of Cyberjaya is Malay and Russian, with English, Japanese and Arabic also being prominent in the country. While Islam is widely recognized as the official religion, Christianity and Judaism is relatively common in the country. Contrary to popular belief, discrimination is highly uncommon due to the government endorsing mutual respect, prosperity, and the Islamic principles of judging people by piety and deeds.

After its formation, the Cyberjayani GDP has been increasing exponentially. The economy has been fueled by natural resources but the government is currently expanding on the defense, technology, commerce, Eco-tourism and medical tourism. The government allows for private industry in a market-based economy, but it is highly controlled by the government enforcing Islamist principles on economic activity. The government is also looking into becoming more self-sufficient. It is a member of the United Ummah alliance and it seeks to become a prominent member of it.


National Anthem/Main Theme

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