Infected land of Crimson Viet

Soviet Union Flag Flag of Infected land of Crimson Viet

currently-missing Talerong
Citizen of United States of Terra
Basic Information
Founded 03/09/2015
Color White
National Statistics
Civilians 374,864
Area 4000 mi²
Military Strength
Score 294.90
Infantry 21,000
Tanks 250
Aircraft 6
Ships 2
Nuclear Warheads 0
National Capital Kinh
Other Cities Cham, Khmer, Hmong


- Ruler: None at the moment

- Government type: Anarchist

- Capital: Kinh (abandoned post zombie-apocalypse)

- Other Major Cities: Cham, Hmong, Khmer

- Climate: Subtropical

- National Religion: None

- Currency: US Dollar (official), pretty much everything (post zombie-apocalypse)

- Languages: English, Vietnamese and a bunch of others too

- Alliance: United States of Terra


Crimson Viet is a coastal nation with include mainland Indochina and numerous other islands in the South China Sea - and recently, a portion of Portugal. It has a subtropical climate with 30% of it being forest. It's home to many, many natural wonders.



Despite it best effort, the communist Vietnamese government soon lose the support of it's people thanks to the huge amount of corruption and oppression. As a result, capitalist insurgencies in both overseas and Vietnam united under one single leader, Talerong.

On 3/9/2015, the insurgent gain control of the military and thrown a coup'de at the current government, establishing the new Viet Republic.

In the days following it's founding, Viet Republic quickly establish control over the s-shape country and other territories originally belong to other nations, joined the United States of Terra and quickly developed the country into a formidable power.

Age of WarfareEdit

The Portugal InvasionEdit

On 12/3/2015, three nations named North Portugal, West Coast Portugal and Guarda launch a joint-invasion at Viet Republic.

The invasion went awry and the enemy forces was quickly pushed back. A truce was made with all 3 country which quickly ended the war with Viet Republic as the victor, causing the annexation of North Portugal and decline of West Coast Portugal and Guarda.

Minor RaidsEdit

Following the end of the Portugal Invasion, Viet Republic began conducting numerous military raids all over the world in order to get more money to developed itself.

As a result, The United States of Terra set up a new policy which include it's member has to ask for permission to declare war on other nation. With it's days of raiding, Viet began to focus on trading and receive regular economic aid from the UST.

South Korean - Viet WarEdit

On 24/3/2015, South Korea invaded Viet Republic as part of it's global campaign against raiding with the reason "Fake Republic".

Attacks was sent back and forth between the two country with Viet at first being heavily outnumbered and outgunned and S.K was winning the war. Then the country began receiving aids by fellow UST nation Republic of Great Land in form of munitions and began pushing back the Korean forces across all battlefield.

The war quickly entered a stalemate as - while Viet weapons were powerful - South Korea has a large number of troops in it's asset. Then other nations soon declared war against South Korea - either to protect or revenge - and the Korean military was completely wipe out.

Seizing the chance, Viet Republic launch a full-scale invasion of South Korea with the other countries and forced an unconditional surrender from South Korea. The nation soon changed it's name to Crimson Viet after the victory.

Zombie ApocalypseEdit

On 17/4/2015, a United Korean Federation ship crashed at the port of Khmer releasing hordes of zombies who has been infected with a Quarian lab virus. Hours later, over 66000 citizens in the city was infected while the Crimson Viet's entire military force was mobilized in the city to stem the infection.

Other nations such as Foxburo and UKF began lending aid in exterminating the infected and Quarian has been researching for a cure.

On 18/4, the day after the apocalypse start, numerous ships of all kind crashed all across the shores and coasts of Crimson Viet releasing over 500,000 zombies into the country (far outnumbered it's 300,000+ population) thus turn Viet into a massive post-apocalyptic war-zone between humans and infected zombies. The military was divided all across the country while the sterilization of Khmer was left to their allies.

Later that day, in the capital city of Kinh, a fanatic release firework into the sky with hope that God will see it and save them from the crisis, though the only thing he managed to bring to the city was more zombies that were attracted to the noise. All military was pulled back for the defense of the city.

After 3 hours of intense combat, the zombie breached the southern gate and poured into Kinh. All civilians was evacuated to the city's center before the area was completely overrun with infected while the chaotic battle rages on inside the capital.

With the wall breached, more and more zombies continue to swarmed the city. The military and civilians carve a path through the zombie army and blown a hole in the northern gate, escaping through it. Leader Talerong and his bodyguards made a desperate last stand at the Crimson Tower and was last seen fighting the zombies at his personal office. It is unknown if he ever made it out.

In the aftermath of the epidemic, citizens flee Crimson Viet en mass and cures was distributed to the remaining population thereby rendering the zombie's foodless. Other nations sealed their borders and routes to Crimson Viet and began sending in special forces to exterminate the infected, a pretty impossible task seeing as the current zombie population in Viet is around 1,000,000. The capital of Kinh lies in ruins and the military was torn into numerous factions each led by a warlord and control areas of the country.


Viet's economy focus primarily on trading resources, mainly food, ore, oil and occasionally, uranium.


The country has a very diverse culture as a result of numerous immigrants came looking for opportunities. Whether it's European, Asian, Middle East or Nordic, we have it all. Most of the people in Viet are atheism and don't follow any particular religion, though Christian is the most popular religion in the country. It also support Cathonism, Muslim, Dudeism and the Churn of the Flying Spaghetti Monster.

The cuisine ranged all the way from meat to seafood to veggies to ...*blah blah blah*. Which resulted in many style of cooking, you can have some fancy smancy steak or a simple bowl of spiced noodle anytime, anywhere.

The leader of Crimson Viet residence is the Crimson Tower, a highly fortified skyscraper, which lies at the heart of the capital city of Kinh.


To improve the conditions that it's predecessor, the Socialist Republic of Viet Nam, made Crimson Viet give it's people much more freedom then before. ALL websites existed on the internet can now be access without government intervention and private entertainment such as magazines, tv shows can be published/aired without any hassle from the government.


The Crimson Army is comprise of the Ground Force, Navy Force, Air Force and the Office of Intelligence. The army originally started off very small at only 6000 poorly equipped infantry which was soon modernize with advanced weapons, artillery, heavy vehicles, aircrafts and naval ships.

Following the zombie apocalypse, the army splintered into several factions each led by a warlord controlling strategic parts of the country. On the other hand, everyone in the country are now seasoned combat veterans so should a foreign country tried to invade, Viet will still put up quite a fight.

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