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Crimson Dragons

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Flag of Crimson Dragons

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Basic Details
Founded December 31, 2021
Color Maroon
Status Active
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Dragon Whisperer Thorin163
Dragon Lords
  • Respeto
  • Tian Xuan
  • Gamer_cabbage
  • Ismael
FA Head Respeto
MA Head Ismael
IA Head Tian Xuan
EA Head Thorin163
As of January 12, 2022
Total Nations 32
Score 39,366.20
Average Score 1,230,19
Alliance Rank 69
Active Blocs
Active Treaties
Protector Camelot

Crimson Dragons (CD) is a maroon color bloc alliance protected by Camelot and is led by Thorin163. The alliance was founded in December 31, 2021 by former government members of the now defunct Republic of Nassau.

Wars & Conflicts