The Confederate States of Joints is a nation led by The Dankest OG Mastah Kush Big Ounce Swanson IV. The citizens who live under Big Ounce Swanson's rule live with libertarian social policies and extreme right economic policies. Weed is legal here. Weed is the source of all the people's happiness, income, swag, shelter and sustenance. There are also less used, secondary currencies,the yen and military grade ammo. Methods of execution for lighter crimes are the firing squad and decapitation via katana. For more sadistic criminals such as rapists, sex offenders as well as meme and weed thiefs, the penalty is either ripped apart by dogs, burnt to death or being ejected into space.

In peacetime the military is usually nonexistent, however, it is rumored that deep in the cities of the CSJ there are very large stockpiles of military hardware. The military of the CSJ is split up into many branches: The Army, the ground forces who only use Kalashnikovs and MG-42s for small arms, a mix of German and Russian artillery and 420,000 Panther tanks.

The Navy exclusively use Viking long boats and Nimitz class aircraft carriers. The Navy air arm uses F-14s, F/A-18E/F/Gs, E-2 Hawkeyes and A-4 Skyhawks

The Air force consists of F-15s, Su-35s, PAK-FAs, TU-160s and B-17s escorted by F4U Corsairs

There are also a collection of special forces units that are contained within one branch and usually operate separately from one another. These include the Scout Regiment, S.T.A.L.K.E.R Force 420, The SS, The Silent Dolphin Underwater Tactical Insertion Team, and Big Ounce Swanson's personal guard, The 420 Samurai.

Tale of Big Ounce Swanson IV

Big Ounce Swanson was born to a family of Sami Reindeer herders in Northern Sweden. At a young age he mastered his shooting, swordsmanship, polar bear riding and funksmanship. These talents would help when he joined the German Air Force for WWI and shot down 420 allied aircraft. Hence a legend came into his own and by age 25 was sneaking into the bathrooms in the Radio City Music Hall with scantily clad women who posed on Corsairs. And Hayley Williams. At the age of 27 he marched to the gates of Stockholm where he ousted the ruling government and created the Confederate States of Joints. Since then the CSJ has crushed 420 enemies in 69 wars. Some say he was hatched from a cannonball, some say he simply was formed from magical weed. Currently no one knows where Big Ounce is. It is rumored that he traveled the world engaging in swordfights and winning flawlessly. It is also speculated that he went to The Zone and is now a S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Some even say that after climbing Mount Nitaka, he wrote a book and purified his spirt, thus untethering himself from the earth and going back to the 60s. This is thought because he would often quote one of his greatest mentors who taught him, "The 60s were great!"

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