Compass Agreement

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Treaty Type: MnDP
Treaty Signed: January 19, 2017
Treaty Terminated: March 23, 2018
Treaty Status: Defunct

The Compass Agreement is a Mutual Non-Chaining Defense Pact signed between Polaris and Seven Kingdoms on January 19, 2017.


With the recent growth of Westeros, the need for more ships has risen. Navigation on the seas is difficult without the assistance of a compass. Winter brings with it storms and ice, both are a captain's most dangerous hazards. Our friends in Polaris have the highest technological compasses and our traders expressed significant interest in them, though they are costly.

We have come together with the compass masters with an agreement to supply them with materials if they partner up and allow us a discount in the technology. Polaris, in kindness and looking for tighter relations, also agreed to work with our engineers in developing more advanced sea and land navigation tools.

Article I

The Seven Kingdoms and Polaris, referred to hereafter as the Signatories, come together as friends, and shall make no hostile acts against one another.

Article II

Should either Signatory come under attack, the other Signatory pledges all necessary support. This support is waived should it become necessary due to a Signatory's obligations towards, or actions undertaken on behalf of a third party.

Article III

The Signatories agree to share information as necessary to ensure the success of the partnership, and to refrain from actions that would damage each other and this joint venture.

Article IV

This treaty may be cancelled by either Signatory at any time. Such cancellation will take effect 72 hours after notice of intent to cancel is provided.


Signed for Polaris

Emperor: AlmightyGrub
Regent: EaTeMuP
Minister of Truth: Alexia
Minister of Love: WSxPhoenix
Minister of Plenty: Dendarii
Minister of Peace: Kriegskoenig

Signed for Seven Kingdoms


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