This alliance has disbanded as of 7/19/2019. (Note: Commerce Union disbanded during the course of Global War 14. Leaving a final notice to BK: "To Coalition B Leaders: You threatened us one too many times. Attack any one of my members and I will leak classified OPSEC to your enemies."))

Commerce Union

Commerce Union Flag
Flag of Commerce Union

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Basic Details
Founded January 17, 2019
Color Maroon
Status Disbanded
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Chancellor Dabigbluewhale
Premier Jack Shore
Ministry of Foreign Affairs VACANT
Ministry of Economic Affairs Kru
Ministry of Military Affairs Compton
Ministry of Internal Affairs Jarrett
Deputy Minister of Economic Affairs VACANT
Deputy Minister of Economic Affairs Mark Grace
Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs JetSeth
As of July 7, 2019
Total Nations 26
Score 33,760.87
Average Score 1,298.50
Alliance Rank 52
Active Blocs
Active Treaties
MDP Camelot
MDoAP Kazoku
PIAT Code of Honour
PIAT The Hanseatic League

The Commerce Union was an alliance on the maroon sphere, founded on January 17th 2019. The Commerce Union (CU) at its peak, reached alliance rank #46.

Dial-Up War & Disbandment Edit

The Commerce Union initially joined the Dial-Up War on behalf of long-time MDoAP-partner Camelot. The initial scope of the Commerce Union's involvement would be to provide counter support to Camelot's badly out-numbered mid-tiers during the initial blitz.

During the first few weeks, the Commerce Union maintained as the only Coalition B alliance with net positive damage (eventually followed by Mystic). As the war dragged-on, more and more requests were coming from Coalition B leaders to hit various other targets (despite the Commerce Union not having a seat at the Coalition B table).

Following some internal strife, disagreement with the direction of the war, and eventual breakdown of MilCom -- Elias Blackthorn, the founder of the Union, stepped down. His position was assumed by the Premier -- Dabigbluewhale. Jack Shore, the former Foreign Affairs Minister, assumed the role of Premier.

Various other members of the August Body either stepped down prior to or after Elias's departure, leaving a slew of freshman ministers to assume command.

Tensions eventually completely boiled over between the Union and Coalition B Leadership after an insider within Coalition B notified Jack Shore that Coalition B planned to roll the Commerce Union after the war was over, and Jack Shore (siding hard against Coalition B) couped the alliance and ousted the Coalition B supporters and eventually the entire membership.

Following the coup, leadership opted to split into separate directions and not attempt to rebuild the Union.

Government Edit

The Commerce Union was managed by the Council, consisting of the Chancellor & Premier and the Ministers of Foreign Affairs, Economic Affairs, Military Affairs and Internal Affairs in accordance with the Commerce Union Charter. The last Council consisted of:

  • Chancellor: Dabigbluewhale
  • Premier: Jack Shore
  • Minister of Foreign Affairs: Vacant
  • Minister of Economic Affairs: Kru
  • Minister of Military Affairs: Compton
  • Minister of Internal Affairs: Jarrett

The Council is assisted by its various Deputy Ministers, who perform various duties as assigned by their respective Ministers. The current roster of Deputy Ministers consists of:

  • Deputy Minister of Economic Affairs:
  • Deputy Minister of Economic Affairs: Mark Grace
  • Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs: JetSeth

Treaties Edit

Active Edit

Defunct Edit

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