Color is an option that Nations and Alliances can pick. The Color Trade Bloc Bonus is a game mechanic that rewards nations for being on the same color (National Color) as their Alliance (Alliance Color). It provides a bonus, in the form of an increase in your gross income. In order for a Nation to receive the bonus, it must be on the same color as its Alliance. This does not apply to Beige nations, which receive a bonus regardless of whether they're in an alliance or not.

Nations not on the same color with their Alliance contribute to the taxes of the Alliance, unless they are grey.

The color of the nation is also one of the requirements that a nation has to fulfil to have the chance to receive a Treasure.

Color Trade Blocs are groups of nations organized around mutual trade. As such, they receive a bonus to their national income that is determined by the size of the national economies participating in the trade bloc, as well as the total number of nations in the bloc. The exact formula that determines the bonus is:

Turn Bonus = (Average Daily Monetary Net Revenue / Nations)

This formula is calculated every turn and stored, the stored value being used in the next turn's revenue calculations. Turn Bonuses are capped so as to not exceed $75,000 per turn, and they have a minimum floor value of $0.

Member nations of Color Trade Blocs can vote to rename the bloc. Names must be 32 characters or less (min. 8 characters), and in accordance with the Game Rules. Color Trade Bloc names must also include the name of the color. Votes are tallied every turn (2 hours) and if a new bloc name has a majority of votes it will be automatically selected as the new Color Trade Bloc name. Each member nation gets one vote. Adding a new vote will invalidate any existing votes.

In total there are 14 regular colors (Aqua, Black, Blue, Brown, Green, Lime, Maroon, Olive, Orange, Pink, Purple, Red, White, and Yellow) and 2 special colors (Beige and Gray).

Regular Colors
Icon Aqua Black Blue Brown Green Lime Maroon
Color Aqua Black Blue Brown Green Lime Maroon
Icon Olive Orange Pink Purple Red White Yellow
Color Olive Orange Pink Purple Red White Yellow

Special ColorsEdit

Beige Beige: On this color, a nation is invulnerable to new war declarations. When a Nation is first created, it may stay on Beige for up to 14 days. If a Nation leaves Beige, it cannot return. Beige nations will always get a color trade bloc bonus of $50,000 per turn.

Gray Gray: A nation is put on Gray when it gets out of Beige or in case it has been inactive for 5 days. All Nations on Gray receive no bonus. A nation can be moved off Gray at any point in time.

Beige and Gray nations are exempted from alliance taxes and do not count towards the all nation score. Since these colors cannot be chosen, there are no alliances with these colors.

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