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Orbital Knights
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Verein der Deutschen Staaten
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United Countries of Stupidity
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Imperial Order
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Former Signatories
Imperial Metric Union
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Treaty Type: MDoAP Bloc
Treaty Signed: 28 April 2018
Treaty Status: Defunct

Clovis is a Micro Bloc formed by Co-Tin, Orbital Knights, Verein der Deutschen Staaten, Imperial Metric Union, and United Countries of Stupidity with a total of 80 nations on 28 April 2018. Afterwards, on 2 May 2018, the addition of the alliance Imperial Order as well. This led to a name change from C.A.N.D.L.E.S. to Clovis. In mid May of 2018, IMU merged; officially leaving Clovis.


Imperial Order,

Orbital Knights,

Verein der Deutschen Staaten,

United Countries of Stupidity

This bloc was formed due to raiding by The Misfits. They announced the coalition on the Orbis World Forums but signed white peace with Misfits some time later without disbandment from either party. The Coalition transformed into a Mutual Defense and Aggression Bloc.

As of 8 June 2018, the Micro Bloc has 94 nations.

Microwarm War

On 28 April 2018, an official war began with Clovis, then C.A.N.D.L.E.S., facing The Misfits and The Global Union (joined conflict on 30-Apr-18). On 2 May 2018, peace is signed with Co-Tin representing Clovis. War officially ended on 3 May 2018.