in 2038 Gold was discovered in Nuyep Vligu what would later be called Nuyep Virx the area on both sides of the Melyaj river became increasingly more valuable with other silver and gold deposits discovered but none has large as what was discovered near Nuyep Vligu. Plantonea argued that the river was theirs and the United Cities started on the shore they also argued that the gold came from the river so all of the gold and silver was theirs. They believe this so much so that on October 14, 2039 they sent troops across the river and forcibly took over the Cityen Mines at Nuyep Vligu and took the miners prisoner for steeling gold from Plantonea. This would start a 3 month long stand off the ended with the Cityens sending in Special forces to rescue the miners and to retake the mines, but it failed miserably with most of the miners and special forces killed in what would be called the Pickax massacre. Thing only got worst with Plantonea taking offense to the Cityen Attack went on the offense taking control of even more land which led to the start of the long and bloody war known as the Cityen Plantonea War. the Cityens eventually was able to stop the Plantonea Advance and push them back all the way to the river and reclaim the land they lost and they kept going pushing into plantonea territory only to have their momentum stopped and then reverse. The front lines push back and forth many times. Eventually the Cityens gained the upper hand. The Sims Seizing the opportunity invaded Plantonea taking over long Disputed lands. Plantonea seeing that the war has Finally hit the tipping point with lots of lost land and now facing two nations gave up all captured land for peace ending the war.

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