Cinderella is an Amenrian hacker/superheroine in the Politics & War Roleplay Universe. She is a member of Nine Tails, an all-female team of Amenrian metahumans.

Background Edit

Cinderella was born in a wealthy family in Bandung, Indonesia. She lived with her parents and was really close to her neighbour, which she came to consider as a brother. Things in her life started going downhill when her family had an internal conflict, with many of her family members turning against her and her parents. Not only that, she was also bullied at school and thus became a very depressed, shy and quiet person.

When she was in junior high school, she met Cheonsa, who was in high school then, and they soon fell in love with each other. With his love, he changed her into a cheerful, happy and friendly person. One day during her time as his girlfriend, she and her parents had to move to the United States due to the conflict within her family. She was worried they couldn't be together anymore, but he simply said that it was "a new beginning" for her and that their love would "transcend space and time".

Things did no go better for her after her move. Her mother, the only person that cared for her other than her former neighbour and Cheonsa, died. This deeply sorrowed her and changed her once more into her former, depressed self, except it was worse this time, hurting others and herself by become a masked villain known as "Miss Fortune". Cheonsa broke up with her, saying that she had become "too dangerous and unstable" for him to handle, since even his guidance couldn't help her get over her mother's death. This pushed her deeper into her depression, causing her to attempt suicide by jumping from her apartment. She survived the fall, but this unfortunate incident has caused her to lose her left leg.

Powers and abilities Edit

Technomancy Edit

She can telekinetically move and control technology, as well as use them with mastery. There is no device she couldn't hack, improve, disable, or destroy.

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