Church of Atom

Church of Atom Flag
Flag of Church of Atom

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Basic Details
Founded April 13, 2018
Headquarters Africa
Color Green
Status Active
Pontifex Atomicus James II
Cardinals Keza Purple , Soxirella , Impreza , Apeman
Alcolytes JohnBaraboo , Captain Legbeard
As of May 23, 2019
Total Nations 19
Score 100,000+
Average Score 5,000+
Alliance Rank 28
Active Blocs
Active Treaties

A cult formed from an atom. Church of Atom was founded by some former members of Alpha.

Wars Edit

War Opponents Outcome
Knightfall The Commonwealth, The Knights Radiant, Grumpy Old Bastards, Guardian Victory
Global War 14 Ketog Ongoing

Government Edit

Pontifex Atomicus (Leader) Edit

  • Pontifex Atomicus: James II

Cardinals (High Government) Edit

  • Head of State Affairs (FA): Kitschie
  • Head of Security (Military):
  • Head of the Interior (IA):
  • Head of the Treasury (Econ): Impreza

Alcolytes Edit

  • JohnBaraboo
  • Captain Legbeard

Other Titles Edit

Saints Edit

  • Patron Saint of Neutrons: Placentica
  • Patron Saint of Electrons: Rollo
  • Patron Saint of Protons: Apeman

Bishops Edit

  • Bishop of Rose: Mhearl
  • Bishop of The Syndicate: Partisan
  • Bishop of Nuclear Knights: Connor Yeets
  • Bishop of Polaris: WSxPhoenix
  • Bishop of Dark Brotherhood: Yoda
  • Bishop of The Knights Radiant: Lordship

Treaty History Edit

Type Status Alliance
Protectorate (Protected by) Active Dark Brotherhood
ODoAP Active Polaris
Protectorate (Protected by) Active The Syndicate
Protectorate (Protecting) Active Alpha

Alliance Announcements Edit

Date Announcement
8 August 2018 Declaration of Existence
19 October 2018 Church of Atom declares war on The Knights Radiant
24 October 2018 Pontifex Atomicus Calls For An Atomic Crusade
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