Church Gourley, was a very disputed character throughout his history.

November 20th, 2014: Church first joins the game under the name Christian Monroe, staying within the United States of Terra for a short period of time, though young, he learned quickly he would be on his own and his thirst for power grew exponentially. Then joining the DNC, the Democratic Nations Coalition who was led be Jefferson Davis. Within a short time, he quickly rose through the ranks. Davis became his mentor. Within time though, Church would steal the alliance bank and move out on his own then joining back into UST. With some time of going dark, Church surfaced again. During his dark time, he would run a small spy agency which had been hired by multiple alliances to do spy work within alliances. After some time, DNC would join and merge with the FSA, the Frontier Sort Alliance. The FSA would be the first alliance to hit 140 members, many would join. Church, using his creditionals and quick thinking ability was able to persuade a leader to promote him to heir, in which case he promoted himself to leader and couped the alliance. Most would be asleep during this time, but having a soft spot for his old friend Davis, he promoted him back to leader aswell. When Church finally went to bed that night he would be removed from power. From the on, Church left the game.

When he finally returned to the game, an unknown date. He would message the leader of the Thalmor Empire. Thalmor, who became a friend to Church. Church over time would run and become the leader of mulitple alliances which all failed, backstabbed by enemies and friends alike. He would also join alliances such as The Chola and Seven Kingdoms and United Purple Nations and learn much expericence for leading. Two alliances which Church ran became pretty decent in size. The FSA(New) would be the brainchild of Church who impersonated Bryon White. With time though, the Black Knights would attack and raid the FSA until it was no more. With mulitple failures, Church would not take no for an answer. With or without protection he would create new alliances. One day, an alliance of his creation merged with VarEn, which he became a leader of and met an amazing friend, Colin Symth. He would lead that alliance for a good amount of time before he was betrayed and removed. After which case he would leave the game again.

Within time though he joined once more, after a few more failed alliances such as the Monroe Republic or the Galactic Empire. He would finally settle down with an old friend in his alliance. WHich became, Lands of Duat.


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