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Christmas Day Raid
Blue Rose.png
Symbol of The Bluebonnet Accords between Cobalt & Rose
Date 25 December 2015
Casus belli Loot; strained relations with Cobalt
Result Arrgh agrees to pay reps to Cobalt; Political Pirates split from Arrgh; half of reps paid; War of Cobalt Escalation begins 1 month later
Preceded by
Succeeded by
Monroe War on Piracy
Arrgh Flag.png
Celestial Union Flag.png

Support Rose Flag.png


Arrgh Flag.png Jacob Hanson

Celestial Union Flag.png Betulius

62 nations
56,630.90 score
Cobalt: 16 nations
23,540.54 score
Rose: 74 nations
109,985.34 score

The Christmas Day Raid was a mass raid by Arrgh against Cobalt which occurred on December 25, 2015. It ended the same day due to pressure from Rose and unrelated tensions with the Syndicate at the same time. Arrgh later agreed to reps to descalate the situation which led to some members splitting off to form the Political Pirates. Around a month later Arrgh raided Cobalt again leading to the War of Cobalt Escalation which led to Cobalt's disbandment.


Arrgh began planning a Christmas Day Raid mid-December. Originally they had considered targeting The King's Parliament due to leaks that TKP was attempting to form an Anti-Piracy Coalition against Arrgh. TKP's attempts at a coalition failed however so the target was later switched to Cobalt due to a lack of communication and relations with them in recent months.


The morning after the raid began, Cobalt announced a MDoAP with Rose. Rose later threatened Arrgh about the raids stating that Arrgh had known about the treaty being in the works and hit anyway. An alternative of Arrgh paying reps for the raids was offered but was not expected to be accepted. Both Rose and The Syndicate, due to unrelated raids on their protectorates, began to arm up for a war with Arrgh. Contrary to their exceptions, however, Arrgh did agree to pay the reps which averted a war from occuring. After this happened, some angry Arrgh members split off to form Political Pirates. The agreement led to further tensions between Arrgh & Rose's sphere in the coming months which led to various other wars including a second war against Cobalt which eventually led to their disbandment. Around half of the agreed upon reps were paid to Cobalt before the second war between them broke out.

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