Chonnin.png Flag of Chonnin

Supreme Emperor Cody I
Wayward Sailor of Black Skies
Basic Information
Founded May 12, 2020
Color Black
National Statistics
Government Type Absolute Monarchy.png Absolute Monarchy
Social Policies Liberal.png Liberal
Economic Policies Far Left.png Far Left
Religion None
Currency Dollar
Military Strength
National Capital Chonnin City

Once a glorious empire, Chonnin was plagued by corruption and was eventually taken over by outsiders. After hundreds of years the ruler and many of his people woke up from cryo-stasis and formed the Empire of Chonnin. Setting out to restore their former glory, and their former empire. Vivat Imperium!

Chonnin once spread across all of Africa and Europe, even into parts of Asia with a few colonies in The Americas. But their enemies banded together and took advantage of the instability and political corruption of the nation. Using cryo-stasis the ruler, Supreme Emperor Cody I, saved himself and many others from being killed by the invading nations. After hundreds of years they awoke in Africa and created a new Chonnin, one that would surpass any other nation.

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