Chiester Sisters Imperial Guard Corps
Chiesters 410, 00 and 45 on a mission for Beatrice
Active 10 December 1 MR - Present
Country Meta Board (00, 45, 410, 556)
Rokkenjima (127, 20, 17, 38)
Allegiance Lambdadelta
Branch Meta Board Government
Rokkenjima Forces
Size 8 members
HQ Lambdagrad, Meta Board

Alcamoth, Rokkenjima

Colors Black, White & Red
Engagements Battle of the Witch Senate
Chiester Commander Chiester 00 (Meta Board)
Chiester 127 (Rokkenjima)

The Chiester Sisters Imperial Guard Corps were the personal guard of Lambdadelta, Witch of Certainty and ruler of the Meta Board, serving her effectively and faithfully since coming under her protection following the Battle of the Witch Senate. Following the Fall of the Meta Board, their allegiance fell to Featherine of the Meta Board and Eva-Beatrice of Rokkenjima.

Chiesters 00, 410, 45, and 556 serve the Meta Board. Chiesters 127, 20, 17, and 38 serve Rokkenjima, protecting Eva-Beatrice from all threats. They are also active members of the Rokkenjima Armed Forces.