When I was lost, God gave me guidance. When I was weak, God gave me strength. When I was at war, God gave me victory. The least I can do is offer my allegiance for eternity. 
Cheonsa (천사 Cheonsa) is a character in the Politics & War Roleplay Universe. He is the leader of The Empire of Amenria.

Background Edit

Early Life Edit

Born from a noble Bugis family, leadership has always been in his blood. Due to being born in a republic in Southeast Asia, he spent his childhood living in poverty. His economic status had little to no effect on his happiness though, as he always smiles when remembering his past.

Appearance Edit

Cheonsa is a slim, tall, east-Asian man with black hair and black eyes. He is usually seen in his military uniform, which considers of a black shirt and black trousers, and various honours, including a star-like one worn on the neck.

Personality Edit

As a teenager, he is a loud, carefree, fun-loving, thrill seeking person, but can occasionally be rude and vulgar, although his negative traits are mostly because of people's mistreatment of him regarding his feminine interests, such as sewing, cooking and taking care of children.

As an adult, Cheonsa is a typical hero, with high sense of honour and justice and a conviction to serve God and destroy all evil. He thinks that dishonest politicians (and leaders in general) are "rubbish" and will not hesitate to execute any government officials which try to deliberately fool the public, thus resulting in a transparent government system. Although the inner workings of his government are made as public as possible, much information on himself and his family is kept secret to avoid unnecessary conflict. Despite his seriousness in the throne room and the battlefield, he is actually a kind, humorous and loving individual, usually seen joking and playing with his wives, children and pets.

Powers and abilities Edit

Celestial Form Edit

His main set of powers are in his celestial form. His physical abilities are further enhanced in this form. There are several stages of his Celestial Form, including:

First stage Edit

In this stage, he gains a pair of angel wings, one white and one black, which gives him control over light and darkness.

Second Stage Edit

His skin turns darker and white parallel and contorting lines appear on his skin. His eyes turn white and he gains fangs, claws, and antlers. This form grants him telekinesis.

Final stage Edit

In this form, Cheonsa becomes a faceless humanoid with deep-blue skin and small, white spots across his body, creating an illusion of a night sky. The powers granted in this form is unknown.

Enhanced strength Edit

Enhanced durability Edit

Enhanced speed Edit

Cheonsa can easily catch up to, and even outrun trains.

Enhanced intelligence Edit

Animal handling Edit

Cheonsa's soul is so pure that animals love him, thus allowing him to tame, and even command animals.

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