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Charming Treasure War
Date August 17-23, 2017
Casus belli CF attempting to steal Kakiemon Elephants treasure from Arrgh
  • Arrgh coalition victory
  • CF nations beiged
  • Arrgh agrees not to raid CF for one month
Preceded by
Raid Withdrawal War
Raid Withdrawal War
Succeeded by
Typhon's Invasion of America

Charming Friends Flag.jpg
Charming Friends

Arrgh Flag.png


Knights Templar Flag.jpg
Knights Templar
Teutonic Order Flag.jpg
Teutonic Order


Charming Friends Flag.jpg Nietzschelloo
Charming Friends Flag.jpg Slimer

Arrgh Red Flag.png Bluebear
Techno Union Flag.jpg Shadow
Arrgh Red Flag.png Ripper
Knights Templar Flag.jpg Thalmor
Teutonic Order Flag.jpg Victor Truchev

15 nations
43,373.00 score
42 Nations
39,842.39 score

117 Nations
225,000 score

The Charming Treasure War was a conflict that began on August 17, 2017 when a nation of Charming Friends declared war on an Arrgh nation in an attempt to steal a treasure. A peace agreement between both alliances was reached on August 20 while the remaining wars finished off via beige or expiration until August 23.


On August 17, 2017 the nation of Peaches, a member of the Charming Friends, declared war on the nation of Sea Country, a member of Arrgh, with the reason of "Stealing yr treasure srry <3". Sea Country had obtained the Kakiemon Elephants treasure just a day earlier on August 16 from an inactive Resplendent nation following their disbandment. The Charming Friends nation in question also sent herself 50 million dollars from the Charming Friends bank with the reason of "Gonna steal a treasure".

In retaliation for this theft attempt, Arrgh sent two nations to declare war on Peaches in defense of Sea Country and launched an assault on several other CF nations. CF in return declared several wars on Arrgh in defense of their members. Throughout the conflict CF declared 5 wars on Arrgh while Arrgh retaliated with 27 wars. Several other alliances supported Arrgh including the Knights Templar with 9 wars, the Teutonic Order with 3 wars, Sparta with 1 war, and the Black Knights with 1 war.

Peace Agreement

Arrgh came into an agreement with the Charming Friends for peace on August 20.

Both sides decided to enjoy the conflict and cleared out that there are no hard feelings from either side.

  • The current war will last only for one round.
  • As of now, no new war declarations will take place.
  • KT and tTO will also respect and follow this decision.
  • After the end of the wars, Arrgh will not raid CF for a month. After that interval, the two alliances have agreed to get into contact again for further negotiations.
  • I (Ripper) confirm that Nietzschelloo is really charming.


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