of Asgard
Basic Information
National Statistics
Civilians 515,726
Area 5,680 mi²
Avg. Pop. Density 90.79 people per mi²
Military Strength
Nation Rank 869
Score 410
Tanks 250
Aircraft 72
Ships 3
Spies 7
Missiles 0
Nuclear Warheads 0

Cergo is a country located in Central Asia. It is a territory that has been settled for thousands of years. Historically, Cergo had been a peaceful territory, claimed at various points by the Persians, Islamic Caliphates, Mongolians, and Russians. After the fall of communism, a brief but bloody civil war was fought, resulting in much destruction and upheaval, with the Nationalists under the leadership of Admiral-General Ginge taking control, amidst allegations of the ethnic cleansing and genocide of Tajik people living in Cergo. His rule, while criticized for human rights abuses and oppressive social law, has seen the stabilization of a turbulent territory and the establishment of a legitimate economy.

Cergo has a mostly Mountainous terrain, at high elevation. The country's many rivers make the land very fertile. Cergo has a hot, dry climate with two seasons, a very hot dry season, and a mild wet season. Cergo's highest peak is Cossack Peak (Lennin Peak) at 7,498 meters above sea level, and its lowest point is in the Jagona River Basin, at 847 meters above sea level.

The economy of Cergo has historically been centered on agriculture, mostly in its southwestern valley region near the city of Besey. Ritseigh is an important trading city, established by the Russians during the Russian Empire's expansion into Central Asia. During the communist years, the economy centered on oil production by the state-owned Cergo Oil Company. There was, however, a significant underground economy in black market goods such as media and narcotics. Since the fall of communism, Cergo has seen the privatization of many state corporations and a crackdown on organized crime, though both are still major parts of Cergo's economy. Cergo's Nominal GDP sits at $1,552,823,575.96, or $3,010.94 per capita.

Cergo has a fairly homogenous population, with the largest ethnic groups being 79.4% being Cergi, 12.2% Tajik, and 6.6% Russian. Many people are bilingual, with 81.3% of the population speaking Cergi, 22,7% speaking Russian, and 12.4% speaking Tajik. Ethnic tension is prevalent between the Tajik and Cergi peoples, who see each other as rivals and invaders to their homelands. Russians are often seen as undeserving of their presumably privileged status, as Russians own many businesses, and have a disproportionate degree of control of the economy, both legitimate and otherwise.

The bulk of the country's current armed forces are made up of the Nationalist Army of Admiral-General Ginge. After a bizzare series of events following a sister-cities project with Malaysia, Cergo is in the process of establishing a small Colony and naval presence in the Indian Ocean.

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