Celtic-Loughranian Conflict
Date May 27, 2014 - June 19, 2014
Casus belli Illegal raiding of Royal Fen-Loughrania by Celtic Spain
Status Ended
Celtic Spain Royal Fen-Loughrania


Overview Edit

The Celtic-Loughranian conflict was a short, but violent conflict betwen the nations of Celtic Spain and Royal Fen-Loughrania. The fighting started when Spanish forces invaded Loughrania with the intention of stealing both money and valuable resources from Lougrania's stockpiles. The Republic of Freisland soon joined their Templar Order allies in defense. Most fighting occurred in Loughrania, between Spanish and Lougranian forces, before the involvement of Freisland. Almost halfway through the war, a bomb was detonated in a military base within Celtic Spain; this attack was later claimed by the Republic of Freisland. Approximately 1,500 Spanish soldiers were killed in the blast. The next day, an official declaration of war was issued by Freisland against Celtic Spain, and a Freisian air-strike was led on Spanish territory, prompting Spain to offer peace. An agreement was soon reached between both sides; Celtic spain paid a total of $1,450,000 in reparations to Royal Fen-Loughrania, as well as $300,000 to Freisland, and 200 tons of steel were exported to each nation. In exchange, all hostilities were ceased, and it was agreed no further actions were taken against Celtic Spain by any of the belligerents of the conflict or their alliances.

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