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Celestial Invasion of Duat
Date 02-06 November 2017
Result Peace; Duat collapses due to money scandal; Roz Wei members join the Church of Spaceology
Preceded by
Second Great Valkyrie-Arrgh War
Succeeded by
Red Wedding

Roz Wei Flag 2.png
Roz Wei

Mercenaries Arrgh Flag.png

Duat Flag.png
Lordaeron Flag.jpg
Rose War Flag.png
Oblivion Second Flag.jpg


Roz Wei Flag.png Rozalia

Duat Flag.png Greene
Lordaeron Flag.jpg Kynlo
Lordaeron Flag.jpg Charles Talleyrand
Lordaeron Flag.jpg Gorge
Rose War Flag.png Redarmy
Rose War Flag.png Sketchy
Oblivion Second Flag.jpg Park

41 nations
104,220.00 score
153 nations
351.161.76 score

The Celestial Invasion of Duat was a conflict which began on November 2, 2017 when Roz Wei launched a surprise attack on Duat. The conflict saw large foreign involvement which ended with Roz Wei members in asylum on another AAs and Duat collapsed from within due to an internal scandal being revealed.


On November 2, 2017 Roz Wei declared war on Duat and launched 31 wars against them. Just prior to the conflict, 12 members of Cerberus comprising of around 20,000 score had merged into Roz Wei

Foreign Involvement

Fraggle of the Nuclear Knights, who at the time of the war held the largest nuclear weapons stockpile of 231, proceeded to launch 5 wars against Roz Wei following the start of the conflict including against their Emperor Rozalia. Within the first day, all the wars were peaced out.

Two nations of Arrgh also joined the conflict as mercenaries paid for by Roz Wei and each launched one war against the strongest nation of Duat. Following their involvement, Arrgh leadership clarified that the two members involved were acting alone as mercenaries and maintained a restriction against further declarations against Duat due to friendly relations between the two alliances.

On November 4, 2017, Lordran, Rose (being offered three billion dollars by Greene), Oblivion (being offered one billion dollars by Greene) and a few other smaller alliance, attacked Roz Wei. Roz Wei lost over 75K score with many of its members seeking asylum in the Church of Spaceology

Duat Money Scandal

While the war was going on, it was uncovered that Greene, the leader of Duat, had been using real world money to purchase in-game money from nations. While this was not explicitly breaking the rules, it caused Sheepy to add a new rule banning this practice. Following this Duat collapsed and lost half of its membership leaving it with only 6 members and 8000 score.


On November 6, all remaining wars with combatants were peaced out. It is unknown if there was an official peace agreement or if white peace was agreed upon. The conflict ended with both of the initial combatant affiliations deserted with Roz Wei having 12 members and 17000 score and Duat having 6 members and 8000 score.

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