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 For he is a prideful man. He is a prejudiced man. For he is so filled of both virtues and such malice in his blackened heart. A man of righteousness. A man of foulness. He's the hypocrite. He embraces the fasces. The lord cannot save him now. 
(-Unknown, referring to Audon del Villar)

Don Audon del Villar (Audon Espíritu Silveira del Villar Ildaria Ferreira Isidro Saravia Lúcio de Asturias y Oviedo), known as "Caudillo" Audon, was the former regent of the Kingdom of Spain. Audon currently serves as an emissary of sorts for the Kingdom. Audon is an enigmatic individual with an unknown past.


The origins of Audon del Villar are unclear. He has striven to keep all records about his past hidden.

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