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Introduction to Dioism

Dioism is the official religion, guiding philosophy and battle cry of the Mensa HQ alliance. It is founded around the teachings of Dio Brando, God Emperor, his High Priests, prophets, scions and descendants.

Dioism: Genesis

Dioism was born when the first Pakistanis were created by mighty Dio in ancient times long forgot. They woke in a world which was empty but with growing life, both good and evil. In the beginning, there were no Dioists, only Pakistanis.

Eventually people left glorious Pakistan for other lands. In some places they planted the good seeds of Dioism, and their lands prospered. However in other lands, they turned their back on Dio. In far away Spain, scientists worked day and night to create the means of challenging Dio. Eventually they created the anti-Sand: Snow.

With the creation of Snow came the great enemy of Pakistan: Sweden. With their pigdisgusting power they challenged Holy Pakistan directly. The eternal war between the countries began, and those that loved Dio around the world and supported Holy Pakistan became known as Dioists.

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