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Casino Royale
Part of the Great Wars
Date May 17th, 2024 - June 21st, 2024 (Duration: 35 Days)
Casus belli House:
  • Impending WELP blitz
  • non-inclusion from NAP extension

WELP & Co:

  • House constant Backroom dealings
  • House NAP breaches

Knights Templar:

  • TI/House NAP breaches
Status WELP & Co Victory
  • House surrenders
  • 3 month NAP except for KT, TCW, and Fremen
  • "Casino Royale" is the official name
Preceded by
CoC Blocked
Oblivion Counter
The House Black Logo
The House

Grumpy Old Bastards Flag
Grumpy Old Bastards
The Immortals Flag
The Immortals
The Knights Radiant Flag
The Knights Radiant

The Sword Coast flag
The Sword Coast

The Lost Mines
The Lost Mines
Heung Shing Corporation
SFR Flag
SFR Yugoslavia
Cult of Cthulhu
R&R Flag
TOH Flag
The Oldest House


Eclipse Flag
Legion of Dawn Flag
Legion of Dawn
Weebunism Flag

WAP Flag Official
Weaponized Assault Penguins

HS Winter
House Stark
Knights Templar Flag
Knights Templar
Dark Brotherhood Flag
Dark Brotherhood
Man I Love Frogs
Man I Love Frogs
Republic of Libertas Flag
Republic of Libertas
Tcw Green
The Commonwealth
Ap flag(69)
Antarctic Pirates
Magister Flag
Magister Mortalis
The Fremen


Grumpy Old Bastards Flag Presidential
The Immortals Flag Tyrion Lannister
The Immortals Flag Latsu
The Immortals Flag Scratchy
The Knights Radiant Flag Adrienne
The Knights Radiant Flag Benfro
The Sword Coast flag Pubstomper
The Sword Coast flag Roberts
The Sword Coast flag Solomon Ben-David
The Sword Coast flag Hunter
The Sword Coast flag Yirmiyahu
The Lost Mines Nokia
The Lost Mines Atlan
The Lost Mines Calcis
The Lost Mines Palsada
The Lost Mines Damon
HSC William Wilson II (de jure)
HSC Chris Wong
HSC Chuen Kwokyanman
SFR Flag Dryden Vos
SFR Flag Charles The Great
SFR Flag Rider of Icebergs
SFR Flag IRA Army Council
Cthulhu Amni
R&R Flag DemonSpawn
TOH Flag ODannyBoy

Eclipse Flag Vein
Eclipse Flag Pascal
Eclipse Flag Putmir
Legion of Dawn Flag Jeric
Legion of Dawn Flag Kan
Legion of Dawn Flag Turk
Weebunism Flag Empiur
Weebunism Flag Baam
WAP Flag Official Clown
WAP Flag Official Supercheese
HS Winter Darth Ataxia
HS Winter Samani
Knights Templar Flag Ducc Zucc
Dark Brotherhood Flag Chezstick
Dark Brotherhood Flag Yoda
Dark Brotherhood Flag ToxicPepper
Man I Love Frogs Karan
Republic of Libertas Flag Exiper
Tcw Green Dwight K Schrute
Ap flag(69) Thorin
Ap flag(69) JasonKenny
Ap flag(69) Patrick Bateman
Ap flag(69) Tommy Fugazi
Magister Flag Sh1n
Magister Flag HurtFrosty
FremenFlag Boltzlem

Nations that took part in the conflict
  • Grumpy Old Bastards Flag: 44 Nations
  • Immortals War Flag: 167 Nations
  • TKR Black: 199 Nations
  • TSC Cat: 50 Nations
  • TLM War Flag: 73 Nations
  • The Mortals: 22 Nations
  • HSC: 8 Nations
  • SFR Flag: 21 Nations
  • Cthulhu: 12 Nations
Nations that took part in the conflict
  • Eclipse Flag: 217 Nations
  • LoD War Flag: 61 Nations
  • Weebunism Flag: 48 Nations
  • Ayyslamic Caliphate Flag: 55 Nations
  • HS Winter: 37 Nations
  • Knights Templar Flag: 57 Nations
  • Dark Brotherhood Flag: 44 Nations
  • Man I Love Frogs: 19 Nations
  • Republic of Libertas Flag: 21 Nations
  • Tcw Green: 18 Nations
  • Ap flag(69): 4 Nations
  • Magister Flag: 26 Nations
  • FremenFlag: 23 Nations
  • OoD Flag: 10 Nations
Casualties and losses
$1.21t $595b

Casino Royale is a Great War that began on 17 May 2024 when The House and WELP blitzed each other simultaneously. Many predicted this war when The House was excluded from the Blue Balled NAP extension. Later in the war, TKR protectorates R&R and The Oldest House would be dragged in. Notably this war passed the second costliest war of all time, Duck Hunt, with half the amount of nations fighting in a third of the time.


17th of May:

18th of May:

21st of June:

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