Camelot Empyrea War
Date January 17, 2019 - Present
Casus belli
Camelot's Argument

Empyrea Leadership Poaching Camelot Wizard

Empyrea's Argument

Camelot Low Gov Poaching Emp High Gov
Status Finished
Preceded by
Dear Diomedes
Succeeded by
Border Conflict

Empyrea Flag

Camelot Flag
Black Knights Flag
Black Knights
Goon Squad Flag
Goon Squad
The Chaos Insurgency Flag
The Chaos Insurgency


Empyrea Flag James XVI
Empyrea Flag The Royalist

Camelot Flag Arthur 1
Black Knights Flag The Mad Titan
Goon Squad Flag Unlimited
The Chaos Insurgency Flag Forethought

Casualties and losses
1.1 Billion 845 Million

The Cummy-Empy War is a conflict that broke out on January 17th, 2019 when Camelot and Goon Squad countered Empyrea for attacking their protectorate The Chaos Insurgency. As of January 18th, Empyrea declared a total of 18 wars, Camelot declared a total of 19 wars and BK declared a total of 9 wars.

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