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Basic Details
Founded 07/13/2018
Headquarters Europe
Color Maroon
Status Active
Discord Server Join Here
King Arthur
Queen Epimetheus
Military Affairs Messi
Foreign affairs Lils
Economic Affairs Seven
Internal Affairs Evernt
As of 06/01/2021
Total Nations 55
Score 85,845.45
Average Score 1,751.95
Alliance Rank 21
Active Blocs
Active Treaties
MDoAP Black Knights
MDoAP Guardians of the Galaxy
MDP Brotherhood of the Clouds
MDP Morningstar
ODoAP Mythic
Protectorate Avalon Academy

"A smaller, more honest soul. It's true that a simple spark can ignite hope, breathe fire into the hearts of the weary. The ability to derive strength from hope is undoubtedly mankind's greatest attribute."

Camelot, The Kingdom on Maroon is an alliance founded by King Arthur in 2018, with his advisers TheShadow and Epimetheus. It is still being led by Arthur and has remained proactive, starting various conflicts.

Community Awards Edit

Awards Camelot has won in Politics and War:

  • Best Rookie Alliance (2018)
  • Most Immoral Alliance (2018)
  • Best Rebrand (2019)

About Us Edit

Camelot is one of the most divisive alliances in Politics and War. Through no fault of it's own, pride and pro-activity has made us more enemies than friends.

I'll update all this tomorrow ~ Regards, Epi-Politan

Camelot's History Edit

History always has different perspectives, this wiki is meant to be objective, but you can find a highly detailed series of docs in Camelot covering our Political, Economic, Military, Cultural and Personal histories.

Alliance Government Edit

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Military History Edit

International Relations Edit

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