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Basic Details
Founded 07/13/2018
Headquarters Europe
Color Maroon
Status Active
Discord Server Join Here
King Arthur
Wizard Epimetheus
Bishop Bill Rice
Baron Messi
As of 23/04/2019
Total Nations 70
Score 105,045.73
Average Score 1,560.65
Alliance Rank 28
Active Blocs
Active Treaties
MDoAP Black Knights
MDP Guardians of the Galaxy
MDP Brotherhood of the Clouds

Camelot, The Kingdom on Maroon is an alliance founded by King Arthur in 2018, with his advisers Shadow and Epimetheus. It is still being led by Arthur and has remained proactive, starting various conflicts.

Community Awards Edit

Awards Camelot has won in Politics and War:

  • Best Rookie Alliance (2018)
  • Most Immoral Alliance (2018)

About Us Edit

Camelot is one of the most divisive alliances in Politics and War. Through no fault of it's own, pride and pro-activity has made us more enemies than friends.

It's a staple of what the alliance was founded upon and the different styles each of it's early Knights brought to our culture. Arthur is the root of our patience, Shadow the root of our brashness, and Epimetheus the root of our benevolence (ironically).

Whether Camelot's succeeds or fails, it's built upon a foundation of meritocracy and freedom. Every member that has joined has agreed to this vow

"I will tell the alliance, whenever i find something that needs changing, and do my best to improve it."

Camelot's History Edit

History always has different perspectives, this wiki is meant to be objective, but you can find a highly detailed series of docs in Camelot covering our Political, Economic, Military, Cultural and Personal histories.

Camelot's Wars Edit

War Combatants Outcome
Shadow's Rebuild War Camelot vs. Empire of Moonlit Sakura Camelot Victory
KnightFall Camelot vs.

The Knights Radiant, Commonwealth, Guardian and Nova Riata

Camelot Victory
Ask Alexio Camelot vs. Bad Company, Animation Domination, Rough Riders and The Underground Camelot Victory
The Argonian Paradox Camelot vs. Argos, Paradox and the Hanseatic League Camelot Victory
Chaos Rising Camelot vs. Empyrea Camelot Victory
Where We Dropping Bois Camelot vs. The Isle Camelot Victory
Return of the King Camelot vs. KETOG, Chaos Bloc and Rose Sphere Ongoing

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