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This nation has disbanded.


Cornerstone Flag.png Flag of Calithi

Konge Reziun
Triumvir of Cornerstone
Basic Information
Founded 02/25/2015
Color Purple
National Statistics
Government Type Autocracy.png Autocracy
Economy Left.png left
Civilians 1,954,492
Area 15,700 mi²
Avg. Pop. Density 124.49 people per mi²
Military Strength
Nation Rank 46
Score 1,498.20
Infantry 150,000
Tanks 3,000
Aircraft 276
Ships 40
Missiles 10
Nuclear Warheads 0
National Capital Finisterre
Other Cities Finisterre, Lucosnia, Ft Hillstad, Atnosen, Gautland, Holmslatr, Hause, Berstad, Skjelfos, New Caleizi

The Empire of Calithi is a nation that has a firm foundation in Christianity and Biblical principles. Located in the Arctic, Calithi celebrates it's freedom from being bordered by other countries. Calithi is currently a part of the Cornerstone alliance, where it assists in helping alliance members grow their economy.


Calithi was established on September 9, 1989 by a group of settlers from the planet Elindel. Calithi is an extension of the Caleizi Empire located on that planet.


Calithi is an Autocracy with some Republic features. A Deputy Emperor rules the country and is the final authority in any concerns, aside from the Emperor on Elindel where they report to. The Council of Deacons is an elected position by the citizens of the Calithi Empire. The Council acts as a law-creation and advisory council to the Emperor.

The Deputy Emperor

The Deputy Emperor is the sole authority in all concerns regarding the Empire of Caltihi. A Deputy Emperor does answer to the Emperor of Caleizi located on Elindel. A Deputy Emperor rules from their inaugural crowning until their death or retirement.

The Council of Deacons

The Council of Deacons are a law-creation and advisory council directly to the Deputy Emperor. The Council is elected every two years by Calithi citizens. While the Council does not directly put any laws or regulations into effect, they write laws and regulations for the Deputy Emperor to overlook and sign.


Calithi is a constantly growing nation that is expanding at a steady rate. Each major city is listed below, however a more comprehensive list can be found here.

Record of Events (listed current-oldest)

  • 2/10/1990 - North Avesum (Kliden) becomes a major city.
  • 1/25/1989-1/29/1989 - South Korean War
  • 9/15/1988 - Arinus (Aredan) becomes a major city.
  • 9/15/1988 - Calithi joins Cornerstone Alliance
  • 9/15/1988 - Empire of Calithi is settled, city of Caleizi is pronounced the capital of the Empire.