Caesar's Legion

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Flag of Caesar's Legion

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Basic Details
Color Red
Status Defunct
Caesar Cobber
Legate Vacant
Praetor Clement
As of 9 November 2018
Total Nations 12
Score 24,249.75
Average Score 2,020.81
Alliance Rank 63
Active Blocs
Active Treaties
Protector The Syndicate
Protector Dark Brotherhood

Caesar's Legion was a Red alliance which was founded on 7 September 2018. Their tax rate is 100/100.

Ingame Description Edit

"The time is fast approaching when my Legion will assault the great dam and invade the west."

Ave! Trve to Caesar! Caesar's Legion is a dedicated, singular organism whose mission is to subjugate and assimilate the pissant tribes of Orbis. The Legion is one cohort, and members are to wholly serve the Legion before themselves, with the Caesar at its head. If this appeals to you, then apply.

Government Edit

  • Caesar: Cobber
  • Legate: Vacant
  • Praetor: Clement

Treaties Edit

  • Protector: The Syndicate
  • Protector: Dark Brotherhood

Notable Conflicts Edit

War Opponent Outcome

Alliance Announcements Edit


External Links Edit

Caesar's Legion Discord

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