This alliance has disbanded as of Unknown. (Note: Alliance no longer exists.)

Brotherhood of Steel

Pirate Sheep Flag
Flag of Brotherhood of Steel

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Basic Details
Founded September 1, 1995
Headquarters Europe
Color Red
Status Defunct
High Elder Alkadi Yiri
Elder(s) Vacant
Head of Scribes Vacant
Head of Paladins Vacant
Head of Knights Vacant
Active Blocs
Protected by InGen
Mutual Economics InGen
Active Treaties
Defensive Pact InGen

Who We Are Edit

The Brotherhood of Steel is a technological organization operating across the ruins of post-war Europe, with its roots stemming from the Svedish military and the government-sponsored scientific community from before the Great War.

Wars Edit

The Brotherhood has yet to be involved in any notable wars.

Alliance Milestones Edit

  • September 1, 1995: The alliance is born
  • September 25, 1995: Mutual Defense / Economics with InGen

Military Edit

The Brotherhood of Steel does not look at Military Action as an immediate choice of action, and most of all does not accept the randomized abuse of such powers, but however maintains enough Militaristic Force for the sake of defensive structure within the alliance.

Economy Edit

The economics of the BoS are lead by Alkadi Yiri. Alkadi Yiri won a Nobel Prize in Economic Sciences on November 28, 1991. The economics of the Brotherhood of Steel are one of the alliances top priorities attempting to lead in strength by financial situation and diplomacy rather than war.

Foreign Affairs Edit

The policy of Foreign Affairs within the Brotherhood of Steel is strict, negotiations are lead by the High Elder, and are not released to the Public until such is seen fit by the High Elder or a Majority vote by the Alliances Council of Elders.

History Edit

September 1, 1995 Edit

The Alliance is born

September 20, 1995 Edit

Brotherhood of Steel is attacked by members of Arrgh forcing high-ranking members to leave the Alliance.

September 25, 1995 Edit

The Brotherhood sits down with a Director of the Board Mad Max of InGen and discuss Economic & Military Support between the alliances, the result being a mutual economic support and a Defensive Pact, putting the BoS under the protection of InGen, whose protectors are Arrgh, the alliance responsible for the original morale loss within the nation.

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