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South Carolina

Resplendent Inc. Flag.png Flag of South Carolina

King Britishdude
Member of Resplendent Inc.
Basic Information
Founded August 24, 2016
Color White
National Statistics
Government Type Absolute Monarchy.png Absolute Monarchy
Social Policies Moderate.png Moderate
Economic Policies Right.png Right
Pollution 150 points
Currency Dollar.png
GDP $132,989,256.06
Civilians 73,296
Area 1,140 mi²
Avg. Pop. Density 64.29 people per mi²
Military Strength
Infantry 500
Stadium: Williams-Brice
Team: The Gamecocks
National Capital Columbia

Britishdude was created as part of a lab experiment on chimpanzees that went horribly wrong. Starting as a simple ape, he quickly transformed to have human like features, while retaining his ape fur and posture. He began inexplicably calling himself Britishdude, possibly after his original owner, a not so nice smelling English man with a dutch accent named Sheo, pretending to be dutch.

After successfuly shaking off the chains of his human overlords Britishdude created his first alliance, the Monkey's of Aldranon IV. However, it was quickly infeered that the alliance was a failure as it was open to apes only, and most apes couldn't type, read or understand the complex politics of a nation simulator. He latter went to start the alliance of Infinity, so far his most successful endevor.