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Britannian Radiant Crusade
Date June 5 - July 12, 2017
Casus belli HBE Request
Result No Official End
Preceded by
Operation Blackout

The Knights Radiant Flag.png
The Knights Radiant White Peace
Holy Britannian Empire Flag.png
Holy Britannian Empire

Arrgh Red Flag.png


The Knights Radiant Flag.png Lordship White Peace
Holy Britannian Empire Flag.png hadesflames

Arrgh Red Flag.png Bluebear
Techno Union Flag.jpg Shadow
Arrgh Red Flag.png Ripper

164 nations
209,394.05 score
57 nations
36,018.59 score

The Britannian Radiant Crusade was a conflict that began on June 5, 2017 when The Knights Radiant launched a mass attack on Arrgh at the request of the Holy Britannian Empire with whom they once held an MDoAP. After a couple of days, TKR withdrew from the conflict leaving HBE and Arrgh in a continued state of war for over a month later without any talks having occurred between the two alliances. On July 12, the last wars by HBE against Arrgh expired.


Just prior to and during the The Trail of Tiers, Arrgh nations raided inactive HBE nations several times causing deteriorating relations between the two alliances. The raids led hadesflames, Emperor of the Holy Britannian Empire, to repeatedly denounce Arrgh in the international communication forums. hadesflames even personally attacked Shadow, Admiral of Arrgh, during the global war but was overwhelmed by Rose's forces. Prior to and during the conflict HBE had an MDoAP with TKR. While the treaty was later privately cancelled, it is assumed that HBE requested the attack on Arrgh prior to its cancellation, causing TKR to attack when its resources freed up due to the end of the global war.


The Knights Radiant nations began to declare on Arrgh nations with the reason of 'HBE Request' on June 5, 2017. The initial assault saw 30 wars declared on Arrgh by TKR and 4 by HBE. In the day or two prior to the outbreak of war, spy attacks were aimed at Arrgh nuclear weapons and military forces. A one man vassal alliance of The Knights Radiant known as The Final Empire also participated in the conflict and launched 2 wars against Arrgh. In response to the attacks, Arrgh nations launched 16 wars against TKR nations and 5 against HBE nations. The assault also led to Arrgh nations who had built up their military into higher tiers during the Easter Weekend Massacre to begin mass raiding again due to the score drop caused by the destroyed military.

A day or two after the conflict began, TKR informed Arrgh that they would withdraw after the first round of wars expired and would not declare any new wars, leaving HBE to continue the conflict on its own. Following the withdrawal of TKR, the Holy Britannian Empire continued to have skirmishes with Arrgh nations. Throughout the following month and into July, HBE launched another 20 or so wars against while Arrgh retaliated with around 30.

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