Brazilian Forest Campaign
French Police Raid North Paris Suburb
Brazilian federal police hunting down a suspected drug trafficker in Nova Cascais.
Date 9 April 2045 - 25 April 2045 (RP Date)
Casus belli Aggression and drug smuggling by the Order of Zion
Status Ended
Succeeded by
Blackwing Outbreak
Amenria Flag The Empire of Amenria

Brazil Flag Brazil

The Arab League Flag Emirates of the Gulf

Mogatopia Flag Mogatopia

Order of Zion

Amenria Flag Cheonsa

Brazil Flag Vincente Martinez

The Arab League Flag Emira Angelica

Mogatopia Flag Mogar

Unnamed leader

Amenria Flag Unknown number of Hoppers, Shinobi, and Ashigaru

Brazil Flag >12 police officers and unknown number of soldiers

The Arab League Flag Unknown

Mogatopia Flag 2 Predator Drones, unknown number of other units

Casualties and losses
Amenria Flag Unknown

Brazil Flag 53

The Arab League Flag Unknown

Mogatopia Flag Unknown


The Brazilian Forest Campaign is a conflict in the Politics & War Roleplay Universe.

Background Edit

On 9 April 2045, Vincente Martinez, president of Brazil, ordered a nationwide campaign against terrorism and drug smuggling, which gained support of various nations, including The Empire of Amenria, which sent forces led by a captain from its reconnaissance division.

A few days later, The Order of Zion, which was responsible for various crimes in Brazil, including drug smuggling, attacked a mosque in Los Santos, Brazil. On 25 April 2045, the leader of the terrorist group was captured by Amenrian forces and turned in to Brazilian Authorities.

Aftermath Edit

Despite their success, Amenrian forces in Brazil were not allowed to return home by the central government of Amenria due to the sudden outbreak of the Blackwing Virus.

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