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Blue Balled
Part of the Great Wars
Date 3 Jan 2024 - 1 Feb 2024
Status White Peace
Preceded by
Matrix Assimilations
Succeeded by
Singular Hostility

Singularity Flag
The Cypher
The Cypher
LATAM Flag 2
Brotherhood Family Flag
Brotherhood Family
The Golden Horde Flag
The Golden Horde
Maurya Empire Flag
Maurya Empire
The High Table
The Fighting Pacifists
Flag of The Armed Peacekeepers
The Armed Peacekeepers
GallowGlass flag
Eternal Empire of Rose
Guardian Flag
Arkham Asylum Flag2
Arkham Asylum
Oblivion Second Flag


The Knights Radiant Flag
The Knights Radiant
Grumpy Old Bastards Flag
Grumpy Old Bastards
Mayhem War Flag
Black Knights Flag
Black Knights

NW War Flag Gif
Name Withheld

United Purple Nations Flag
United Purple Nations World Task Force Flag
World Task Force USN Flag 2023
United Socialist Nations TCM in war
The Coal Mines The Lost Empire Flag
The Lost Empire


The Syndicate Flag HD
The Syndicate
The Enterprise Flag HD
The Enterprise
Aurora Flag
ChurchOfAtom flag
Church of Atom

The Legion Flag
The Legion

CTO New Flag
Knights Templar Flag
Knights Templar
Dark Brotherhood Flag
Dark Brotherhood
TCW War Flag
The Commonwealth
FSO flag
Federated States of Orbis
Man I Love Frogs
Man I Love Frogs
Vault Tec Flag
Micro Pockyclypse Flag


Eclipse Flag
Legion of Dawn Flag
Legion of Dawn

Weebunism Flag

WAP Flag
Weaponized Assault Penguins


Singularity Flag Anri
Singularity Flag Sketchy
The Cypher Davey
The Cypher Jimmy
The Cypher Kirk Lazarus
Camelot Epimetheus
SamuraiFlag Tointlu II
LATAM Flag 2 Recluta4
Brotherhood Family Flag Pelasgus
Brotherhood Family Flag Prithviraaj chouhan
The Golden Horde Flag Buorhann
Maurya Empire Flag Ashok The Great
THTdark Rageproject
TFPNewFlag2023 Shwin
TFPNewFlag2023 Eriko
TFPNewFlag2023 Aligned
Flag of The Armed Peacekeepers Death_Lord
Flag of The Armed Peacekeepers Kieran
Akatsuki Flavee
Akatsuki Felipe II
Akatsuki Lance
GallowGlass flag Daniel O Connell
Eternal Empire of RoseLucianus
Eternal Empire of RoseDiamondB10
Guardian Flagsynthesis
Guardian FlagJtTeE
Guardian FlagVanek26
Arkham Asylum Flag2Seb
Oblivion Second FlagOckey5
Oblivion Second Flaghidude45454
The Knights Radiant Flag Canbec
Grumpy Old Bastards Flag Presidential
Mayhem War Flag TigerFire
Mayhem War Flag The Titan
Black Knights Flag Brandon Donsberger
NW War Flag Gif Bezzers
NW War Flag Gif Animus

United Purple Nations Flag Cora Mcstrap
World Task Force Flag Nintendo
USN Flag 2023 Matrix
USN Flag 2023 DarVolt
USN Flag 2023 Mmm
TCM in war Nokia Rokia
The Lost Empire Flag Atlan
The Syndicate Flag HD Barry OFarrell
The Syndicate Flag HD Gaius Julius Caesar
The Syndicate Flag HD Konungr Odinn
The Syndicate Flag HD Lucas
The Enterprise Flag HD Ryks
The Enterprise Flag HD Sol
Aurora Flag AlexW
Aurora Flag Xi Jinping
BorealisFlag Shiko
ChurchOfAtom flag RandomNoobster
The Legion Flag KiWilliam
CTO New Flag EvilPiggyFooFoo
CTO New Flag Jax Teller
Knights Templar Flag Ducc Zucc
Dark Brotherhood Flag Chezstick
Dark Brotherhood Flag Yoda
Dark Brotherhood Flag ToxicPepper
Dark Brotherhood Flag Superdead
TCW War Flag Dwight k Schrute
FSO flag Marcus Liddell
Man I Love Frogs Karan
NemFlag L1GHT
NemFlag Tronica
Vault Tec Flag SeedHunter
Micro Pockyclypse Flag Kim Pockyman
Eclipse Flag Vein
Eclipse Flag Pascal
Eclipse Flag Sphinx
Legion of Dawn Flag Jeric
Legion of Dawn Flag Turk182
Legion of Dawn Flag Kan0601
Weebunism Flag Empiur
Weebunism Flag Baam
WAP Flag Arthas
WAP Flag Supercheese

Casualties and losses
821 billion 504 billion

Prelude of the war on December 20th, 2023 Singularity, The Cypher, Camelot and The Golden Horde blitzed World Task Force, United Purple Nations, The Coal Mines, United Socialist Nations, and The Lost Empire.

Blue Balled is a Great War that began on 3 January 2024 when SAIL and their allies, and Singularity and their allies blitzed each other.

31st January 2024 Rose, Guardian, Oblivion, Arkham Asylum and all of ODOO entered the war on the side of Singularity, against SAIL. 2 hours later WELP declared war on Rose, Guardian, Oblivion, and Arkham Asylum citing Eclipse's ODoAP with Knights Templar.

Blue Balled ended on February 2nd 2024 with a white peace, and a blanket NAP between all participants of this war and Matrix Assimilations that ends on May 17th 2024. The peace deal was signed just 1 day after ODOO, WELP, and Rose joined the war.


20 December 2024[]

3 January 2024[]

13 January 2024

31 January 2024

2 February 2024

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