A Naval Blockade is an in-game mechanic that prevents the blockaded nation from trading with anyone except the nation who has blockaded them (this is allowed for the potential of peace negotiations that include trades as part of the deal.) If a nation is blockaded by two different nations at once, they cannot trade with anyone.

Blockade Mechanics Edit

To Blockade another nation, the player must be in a war with that nation, and execute an Immense Triumph Naval Attack. This automatically triggers the Blockade, which remains in effect until the blockading nation has all of their ships destroyed, the war ends, or the blockaded nation is able to execute a Pyrrhic Victory, Moderate Success, or Immense Triumph Naval Attack on the blockading nation.

Additionally, if the blockading nation is in a second war, and becomes blockaded by the third nation, this will end any active blockades they had. This means that if an ally is blockaded, you can declare war on their blockader and blockade them to unblockade your ally.

If a nation is currently under a Blockade, a ship icon will show up on their nation page next to their nation name.

There are several devastating scenarios that can take place when an unprepared nation gets blockaded:

  • The nation runs out of food: In this case, you lose 1/3 of your gross income.
  • The nation has no power resources: Without power resources, the power plants of the cities cannot provide power and without power, the military buildings of the nation cannot operate. This means that the nation cannot buy more troops. However, it can execute military actions.
  • The nation runs out of money: In this case, the nation is bill-locked (debt-mode). A bill-locked nation cannot buy more troops and is also unable to launch attacks or even Fortify. To get out of debt mode you have to get enough money to pay for your bills in the next turn. You do not need to pay the bills you missed.
  • The nation runs out of war-resources: without steel and aluminum, no new tanks, ships and aircraft cannot be built, whereas, without gasoline and munitions, tanks, ships and aircraft cannot be used in battles (neither offensive nor defensive ones). So, the nation may not be able to buy more troops or execute military actions.

Breaking a Blockade: If the result of the battle is a victory (not an Utter Failure), the attacker will nullify any Blockade the defender may have against the attacker. If the attacker gets specifically an Immense Triumph, he/she will impose Blockade on the defender and nullify any Blockades the defender may have in ALL of his/her active wars. If the attacker runs out of ships, the Blockade ends.

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