This alliance was annexed into the Seven Kingdoms on April 27, 2014.  More information is available here.

Blackstone Commission

Blackstone Commission Flag
Flag of Blackstone Commission

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Basic Details
Founded December 9th, 2013
Headquarters Asia
Color Black
Status Defunct
Executive Director VanSputia
Associate Director Reagan
Department of Administration Big Papu
Department of Defense Supreme Chancellor Oats
Department of Finance SoS
Department of Foreign Affairs Iskander
Department of Education vacant
Active Blocs
Active Treaties

The Blackstone Commission (BCOM) was an alliance on the white team. Members are commonly known as BCOMrades.


The Charter of the Blackstone Commission establishes the founding principles, government structure, and blanket policy of the alliance. The full charter will be posted soon.


The Blackstone Commission was established in P&W on December 9th, 2013, by Reagan.  BCOM was originally founded in Cyber Nations on April 20th, 2010, by Potface and Hadrian.  It was disbanded on December 26th of the same year.  It was reformed by Reagan (then known as Zhaan) on April 17th, 2012 in Project Terra and disbanded in late August, just before the game was taken offline permanently.

Former members of BCOM in PT had either left the game or ended up in BCOM's closest ally, Guardian.  Reagan, the only original BCOM member remaining, was joined by friends from Pixel Nations; Dragonero12, Ark, and nomdeplume, to launch BCOM in P&W.

On February 28th, 2014, DragoNero12 resigned as Associate Director due to real life constraints and was honored as the first Emeritus of BCOM in P&W.

On March 5th, 2014, Reagan resigned as Executive Director and assumed the title of Emeritus.  VanSputia, former Director of Defense, became BCOM's 2nd Executive Director in P&W.


BCOM is organized into four principle Departments and an Executive Office.

Executive OfficeEdit

The Executive Office is the highest authority in BCOM.  It consists of the Executive Director, and is the final authority on all matters pertaining to the Blackstone Commission, within the boundaries of the Charter.

Department of AdministrationEdit

will update soon

Department of DefenseEdit

will update soon

Department of FinanceEdit

will update soon

Department of Foreign AffairsEdit

will update soon

Government OfficialsEdit

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