Black Skies

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Flag of Black Skies

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Basic Details
Founded June 26, 2020
Color Black
Status Active
Discord Server Join Here
Commander John Zoidberg
Head of Foreign Affairs BigBoom
Head of Military Affairs Karl Franz
Head of Economic Affairs John Zoidberg
Head of Internal Affairs Titan
As of January 15th 2021
Total Nations 60
Average Score 1,326.44
Alliance Rank #46
Active Blocs
Active Treaties
PIAT The Void Touched
NAP The United Armies
ODoAP The Coal Mines
ODP Golden Dawn
Protectorate Red Skies
Protectorate The Boreal union
Protectorate Angry Horde Of Steel


Black Skies was created by Guilo as a means to help smaller nations learn how to raid and build efficient cities. It was created with a Protectorate from The Lost Empire as a "One Man Army". It's motives shifted over the first month from a "training alliance" to an alliance dedicated to micro-politics and the creation of a safe environment for other micros to grow and find their footing.


Black Skies has been involved in the following conflicts:

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