Black Eagle Concordat

Teutonic Order
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Black Knights
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Treaty Type: MDoAP
Treaty Signed: November 4, 2016
Treaty Status: Active

The Black Eagle Concordat is a Mutual Defense and Optional Aggression Pact signed between the Teutonic Order and the Black Knights, on Novmeber 4, 2016.

Text Edit


After a knight of CK2 two friends have realized some duchies are better than others. While this may have had some initial confusion when asked if BK had the duchy, a good laugh and dank time ensued. Ayy LMAO, the Black knights and the Teutonic Order have come together for some Mutual Defense and optional Aggression together.

ARTICLE I: The Legacy of RomeEdit

In the event a ruler is ayysalted, it will be considered an attack on both empires. One will defend the other.

ARTICLE II: The Old GodsEdit

A ruler may join in the aggressive festivities of the other at their individual will.

ARTICLE III: Way of LifeEdit

In the circumstance that one ruler is ayysalted from the activation of an outside treaty, Mutual Defense becomes optional.

ARTICLE IV: The Reaper's DueEdit

In the event a ruler has deemed the marriage should be dissolved; a 72 hour notice shall be mandated and once passed the concordat is dissolved.

/s/ the Teutonic OrderEdit

Hochmeister ~ Emmad

  • Crown of Commerce ~ JPMorgan
  • Crown of Hospitality ~ Malichy
  • Crown of Academics ~ Cath

/s/ the Black KnightsEdit

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