Bird Weed (WEEDBIRD) is a black team alliance founded on December 3rd, 2019.

The alliance was initially protected by GOONS. When the NPO Cheating Scandal was uncovered in February 2020, Bird Weed's protector GOONS at first left NPO's Last Time under white peace but later reverted its decision and broke their NAP with the opposing coalition when they attacked The Immortals. After several of GOONS' members got banned, some for posting imagery with pornographic contents, the protectorate agreement between GOONS and Bird Weed got cancelled with Bird Weed starting to absorb large parts of GOONS' membership.

Bird Weed was founded on the principles of peaceful cooperation and mellowness. Despite their initial obscurity, Bird Weed placed 2nd in the First Orbis Baseball Tournament, an inter-alliance event worth over $30 million.

Bird Weed

Bird Weed Flag 2
Flag of Bird Weed

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Basic Details
Founded December 3rd, 2019
Color Black
Status Active
Bird Boss Oh Tiniest Bird
Chief Cuckoo Splendid
Weed Farmers lightningjim, Mixoux, Ned Sexaginta
Total Nations 50
Score 34,556.09
Average Score 691.12
Alliance Rank 46
Active Blocs
Active Treaties
MDoAP The Coal Mines

Alliance Announcements Edit

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