The Constitutional Royalty of Billonesia

Indonesia Flag Flag of The Constitutional Royalty of Billonesia

Awesome King Bilal the Mediocre (with his adviser)
Subject of Seven Kingdoms
Basic Information
Color Orange
National Statistics
Government Type Autocracy Autocracy
Economy Capitalist Capitalist
Civilians 668,742
Area 10,500 mi²
Avg. Pop. Density 63.69 people per mi²
Military Strength
Nation Rank 204
Score 527.60
Infantry 21,000
Tanks 1,500
Aircraft 90
Ships 0
Nuclear Warheads 0
National Capital Bilakarta
Other Cities Billotropolis, Billburg, Billville, Billoton, Billport

Billonesia is an orange nation located in an archipelago called "Indonesia". Ruled by Bilal the "Great" , it remains in the low level of International stage despite its age.

Overview Edit

Billonesia was founded several Orbis centuries ago (about 160 Earth days) in an archipelago similar to Indonesia of the old Earth.

Billonesia is actually a part of the Billonesian Interstellar Empire, a star faring "Empire"of similarly named nations that spans 5 worlds, with the capital located in Planet Bob. Technologically, each Billonesia is very different from each other, in fact, none of Billonesias have ever made any contact with each other. With the existence of the "Empire" found only in ancient artifacts found buried in the capitals.

Foreign Relations Edit

Billonesia is a member of the Seven Kingdoms military and economical alliance. Originally Billonesia was a member of a defunct alliance of Blackstone Commission (BCOM), but after BCOM merged with Seven Kingdoms Billonesia along with other BCOM members joined Seven Kingdoms.

Billonesia have partaken in various Seven Kingdoms military operations, such as the SK-GPA war. During such conflicts Billonesia have provided it's allies with military and financial supports.

Billonesia have also taken some minor roles in the international Orbis politics. Mostly the role are limited to providing support to treaties created by Seven Kingdoms.

Geography Edit

Billonesia is an island nation located in the equator with warm, tropical climate. Originally about 90% of the island was covered with jungles, although rapid deforestation reduced the number to 20%. the highest point in Billonesia is the Gunung Agung, an inactive volcano located in the north-east part of Billonesia.

Economy Edit

At the beginning, Billonesia relied on it's fertile lands to farm a great amount of food, while drilling for oil and mining for Iron ores in the ground. Recently, Billonesia have started to shift to producing more expensive manufactured goods, with new cities build specifically to produce refined gasoline and steel.

The commercial sector of Billonesia have seen a major growth after Billonesia received substantial amount of investment from Seven Kingdoms member nations. With commerce levels reaching up to 93%.

Billonesia main export is gasoline products, steel, and agriculture products. With raw oil and iron no longer being Billonesia's chief export.

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