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Bifröst Blitz
Part of the Great Wars
Date 11 November 2022 - 4 January 2023

(Duration: 54 days)

Casus belli Midgard:
  • CTO atagonizing Aurora + Allies
  • Spy Rings
  • Hiring Pirates to hit Midgard


Roman Empire

Result Midgard + Eclipse Victory
  • Cataclysm + Paradise admit Defeat
  • Withheld admit Defeat

See Peace Terms for full list of terms

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Midgard Flag

Aurora Flag
Aurora *
The Immortals Flag
The Immortals
United Purple Nations Flag
United Purple Nations
Dark Brotherhood Flag
Dark Brotherhood*



The-Hive flag
The Hive

ChurchOfAtom flag
Church of Atom

The Commonwealth Flag
The Commonwealth
Roman Empire Flag
Roman Empire
The Lost Empire Flag
The Lost Empire
United Socialist Nations Flag2
United Socialist Nations
The Genesis Flag
The Wei flag
The Wei
SRF Flag
Serene Repubblica Fiorentina
SS flag
Standard Steel

Mole Rats

Arkham Asylum Flag
Arkham Asylum
Terminus Est Flag
Terminus Est


The Knights Radiant Flag
The Knights Radiant
Black Knights Flag
Black Knights
Name Withheld

CTO Commie Flag

Cataclysm Surrendered
Paradise Flag
Paradise Surrendered

Viridian Entente Flag
Viridian Entente


Aurora Flag Kan0601
Aurora Flag ToxicPepper
Aurora Flag AlexW
The Immortals Flag Scratchy
The Immortals Flag Lord Tyrion
The Immortals Flag James Wilson
United Purple Nations Flag Cora Mcstrap
Dark Brotherhood Flag Yoda
Dark Brotherhood Flag GeneralJon
Dark Brotherhood Flag Superdead
Goon Squad Flag Limi
Goon Squad Flag Xonera
The-Hive flag MinesomeMC
The-Hive flag Witherskella10
The Commonwealth Flag RightHonorable
ChurchOfAtom flag RandomNoobster
Roman Empire Flag Germanicus Caesarr
The Lost Empire Flag Atlan
United Socialist Nations Flag2 DarVolt
United Socialist Nations Flag2 Matrix
The Genesis Flag PrinceofHell
The Genesis Flag Nikita Khrushchev
The Wei flag Boris Underground
The Wei flag James XVI
The Wei flag Blair4932
SRF Flag Matshaa
SRF Flag Alexio
SS flag Adecker100
Bert Vein
Terminus Est Flag Sphinx

The Knights Radiant Flag Wizel16
The Knights Radiant Flag Canbec
The Knights Radiant Flag Steven Hoffmann
BK new flag Yosodog
Namewithheldflag Bradley
CTO Commie Flag Daveth
CTO Commie Flag Krampus
CataclysmFlag Keegoz  Surrendered
CataclysmFlag Decagon  Surrendered
Paradise Flag Kev  Surrendered
Paradise Flag Uriah  Surrendered
Viridian Entente Flag EvilPiggyFooFoo

Casualties and losses
$417.2b $558.4b
* Also apart of CHAD

Bifröst Blitz is a Great War that started when Midgard alongside The Commonwealth, The Hive, The Lost Empire, Roman Empire, and Church of Atom blitzed Withheld. Within hours of the blitz, Cataclysm joined Withheld's coalition and blitzed Midgard (primarily Aurora). The next daychange Eclipse declared on Cataclysm.

On December 4th, Cataclysm and Paradise surrendered to Midgard and Eclipse and signed a 2 month NAP, leaving only Midgard and Withheld as participants in the war.

The war concluded at daychange on January 4th, 2023, when Withheld surrendered to Midgard following weeks of acrimonious public peace negotiations. With a duration of 54 days, Bifröst Blitz was, at the time of its conclusion, the longest lasting Great War since NPO's Last Time. It was also the costliest Great War since Guns & Roses, ending just shy of $1 trillion in total damages.

Peace Terms[]

Wayward, Midgard, and Eclipse[]

  • Wayward (Cataclysm & Paradise) admit defeat to Midgard and Eclipse
  • 2 month Blanket NAP between all parties involved in this war. Cataclysm + Extensions, Paradise + Extensions, Eclipse + Extensions, Midgard members + All Extensions
  • Cataclysm, Paradise, Eclipse will go back to their pre-war color blocs, MG will follow once the war is at its full conclusion.
  • Kev admits Cora is all knowing, forever right and never wrong
  • Midgard will decide the name of the war at its full conclusion.

Withheld and Midgard[]

  • Withheld admits defeat and surrenders to Midgard
  • Withheld acknowledges Midgard’s Casus Bellis as legitimate
  • Withheld and Midgard agree that the name of the war is Bifröst Blitz
  • Carthago and Aurora agree to set previous grievances behind them and make good-faith effort towards better relations going forward
  • Carthago and The Commonwealth agree that the dissolution of BR isn’t attributable to any one reason, and neither alliance shoulders full responsibility for it
  • EvilPiggyFooFoo and TCW / MG agree to peace and reset relations
  • Withheld and Midgard agree to enter a 2 month NAP which ends on Saturday March 4 DC.
  • All alliances go back to their pre-war color blocs
  • TKR agrees pineapple does not belong on pizza
  • Purplemoon will draw a purple elephant and send it to TCW
  • TKR must post once a week for 10 weeks an animal GIF to DB embassy and they must admit Chinese Hairless Cresteds are the cutest bestest bois
  • EvilPiggyFooFoo and Aurora agree to exchange Christmas Cards


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