Belveria Flag Flag of Belveria

President Drecq
President Drecq
Warmaster General of Nuclear Knights
Basic Information
Founded 11/03/2014
Color Pink
National Statistics
Government Type Democratic Republic Democratic Republic
Social Policies Moderate Moderate
Economic Policies Moderate Moderate
Economy Moderate Moderate
Pollution 0
Currency Orbis Note
GDP 18,467,212,736.65
Civilians 5,465,567
Area 46,500 mi²
Avg. Pop. Density 117.54 people per mi²
Military Strength
Military name Belverian National Military
Nation Rank 23
Score 4,567.50
Infantry 240,000
Tanks 20,000
Aircraft 1,440
Ships 240
Spies 60
Missiles 0
Nuclear Warheads 11
Stadium: Memorial Gardens
Team: Belvereins
Investment 5,030,850.00
National Capital Belna
Other Cities San Salvacia, Farbanti, North Point, Comberth Harbor, Anfang, Bartolomeo, Gracemeria, November City, Waldreich, Bana City, Carruth, Los Canas, Griswall, Oured, Directus

History Edit

Erusean Era Edit

Prior to the establishment of the Belverian Government and the Belverian Constitutional Accord the nation was called the Military Monarchy of Erusea and it was ruled by the "Green Emperor" Eugene Faulkner. The Military Monarchy was established by Eugene's Father, James Faulkner after the Silent Coup in which the Erusean Military took control of the Government and removed the Peoples Democratic Party from power. Soon after its formation the Military Monarchy of Erusea became very Imperialistic and expanded its control quickly through military might.

The death of James Faulkner soon after the start of a war led to the Erusean nation to seek Nuclear Arms and it soon developed its own Nuclear Arsenal that it used during the war with the alliance of nations called GPA.

Soon after the war Eugene Faulkner was found dead in his royal chambers. The power vacuum created by this lack of strong power led to the collapse of the Military Monarchy and soon the void was filled by the re-emergence of the Peoples Democratic Party that decided to change its name to the Belverian Democratic Party.

Belverian Constitutional Accords Edit

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