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Treaty Type: Protectorate Treaty
Treaty Signed: November 9, 2016
Treaty Terminated: November 11, 2016
Treaty Status: Defunct

Beer and Betterment was a Protectorate Treaty signed between Seven Kingdoms and Valyria (the protectors), and Blue Moon (the protected). It became defunct two days after its signing due to Blue Moon's sudden disbandment by one of its leaders who stole Treasure Island's bank.

Treaty Text Edit

The Seven Kingdoms and Valyria, hereafter known as the Protectors, are widely known for valuing it's ale, beer, and wine. A recent survey to the Kingdoms shows a new popular rise for a specific ale, Blue Moon. This beverage has grown quickly, and due to popular demand, it has been decided as the Official Ale of the Seven Kingdoms.

The Protectors hereby extends protection to the Blue Moon alliance so that they may continue to produce the ever popular drink for ages to come.

Any attacks on the company will be taken as an attack to the Protectors.

The Protectors values her ale and will protect it whatever may come.

Article I: Defending the Breweries Edit

The Protectors agree to protect the breweries of Westeros' most popular ale, Blue Moon.

Article II: Message in a Beer Keg Edit

Both the Protectors and Blue Moon agree to communicate regularly on all happenings by the sending of messages hidden in an empty keg.

Article III: Growth of Sales Edit

The Seven Kingdoms will assist Blue Moon with economic knowledge and funding to research greater heights in the ale business.

Article IV: Sober Checkups Edit

The reestablishment of Blue Moon shall be monitored every 30 days.

The Protectors and Blue Moon must agree to continue this agreement or void it if Blue Moon becomes a monopoly and proceeds to expand beyond protection.

Article V: Bankruptcy Edit

Should either the Protectors or Blue Moon find itself in bankruptcy and unable to continue this agreement, crows shall be sent to inform the cancellation of this agreement, which shall take effect after 72 hours of receiving the notice.

Signatures Edit

Signed for Seven Kingdoms Edit


Signed for Valyria Edit

Dragonlord Minister Bradley Davies
Dragonlord Maester Morgan
Dragonlord General Bluebear

Signed for Blue Moon Edit

Gentleman Josh
Joshua Keller

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