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Bank Heist War
Date December 8-14, 2017
Casus belli Imperium Romanum's close attempt to steal Pantheon's alliance bank.
Result Imperium Romanum disbands.
Preceded by
Royal Rumble
Succeeded by
Compass War
Imperium Romanum Flag.png
Imperium Romanum
Pantheon Flag.png


The Commonwealth Flag.png
The Commonwealth

The Knights Radiant Flag.png
The Knights Radiant

Imperium Romanum Flag.png Valkorion Baratheon

Pantheon Flag.png Yui
Pantheon Flag.png Sphinx
The Commonwealth Flag.png Justin076
The Commonwealth Flag.png Felkey
The Knights Radiant Flag.png TheCreepyLurker

18,272 Score
6 Nations
229,000 Score
91 Nations

The Bank Heist War was a conflict which began December 7th, 2017 when a member of Roz Wei along with Imperium Romanum attempted to steal the Pantheon alliance bank, which was being held by Pantheon government member Sphinx. The attackers were countered by members of The Knights Radiant and The Commonwealth.


After discovering Pantheon's bank was being held by one of their government members, Arrgh mercenary Ryleh, who had been fighting in Roz Wei during the Royal Rumble, declared war on the member with the intent of making off with billions in loot. The next day Imperium Romanum joined Ryleh's effort to attempt to steal the Pantheon bank. However, all attackers were countered by members of The Commonwealth and The Knights Radiant hours later. On December 10th, Imperium Romanum stalled peace negotiations so that they could continue to attack Sphinx. Ryleh in turn coordinated with Arrgh members on strategies to keep Sphinx blockaded so he could be beiged. However, the bank was successfully evacuated just minutes before Sphinx would've been beiged and hundreds of millions worth of loot would've been lost. Sphinx took over 470 million in damages nevertheless. Following the evacuation of the bank, The Commonwealth slotted Imperium Romanum over the incident at which time Imperium Romanum officially recognized hostilities with Pantheon and The Commonwealth.

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