The bank API can be used to access information about an alliance's bank that you have permissions for.

 Accessing the API Edit

The Bank API can be accessed at the URL:


The X should be the alliance ID you want to access. The Y should be your API key, it is a hexadecimal key which can be found at the bottom of your account page in-game.

Successfully inputting the above, you'll get the bank information returned as JSON. Otherwise:

If you input a valid API key but not an alliance that you have access to you'll get this:

    "general_message":"Unable to access. You are not in this alliance." 

If you input a false API key you'll get this as a response:

    "general_message":"Invalid API key." 

An example of a call to this API should look like this:

Obviously, that's not an actual API key, just an example.

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