The Venture Protection Agreement is a unique type of protectorate agreement pioneered by Bad Company. This is the first VPA.

Bad Company-The Underground Venture Protection Agreement

Bad Company
Bad Company Flag 2
The Underground
The Underground Flag

Treaty Type: Venture Protection Agreement
Treaty Status: Active


The Underground and Bad Company henceforth agree to the following treaty that gives The Underground protection, a growth target and the promise of having a home. Bad Company receives the promise of a growing ally or future members. This treaty is meant to serve as a benefit to both parties. The community on Orbis will also benefit by limiting the number of stagnant alliances and promoting growth.

Article I - Protection and Guidance Edit

Bad Company agrees to protect The Underground from raids, war, and negative publicity. A declaration of war on The Underground is also viewed as a declaration of war on Bad Company. Bad Company will also provide guidance to The Underground in the multiple facets of running an alliance.

Article II - Venture Edit

The Underground will attempt to grow their alliance in a 90 day period. If after 60 days The Underground does not experience at least 20% in Nation Score growth, they are obligated to merge into Bad Company. If The Underground maintains the same or suffers a loss of Nation Score and/or Members after 30 days, they are obligated to merge into Bad Company. Bad Company may provide an extension on the deadline for The Underground to hit their objectives.

Article III - War Time Edit

The Underground has the option of joining in on a defensive or offensive war alongside Bad Company. If The Underground so chooses to actively participate in the war, the Article II clause will be put on pause for the length that The Underground is actively at war. The length of the duration of The Underground’s war will be added to the deadline outlined in Article II so as to give them time to recover from war losses.

Article IV - Limits on Sovereignty Edit

For the duration of the agreement, The Underground agrees to not sign treaties other than Non-Aggression Pacts without prior authorization from Bad Company. Furthermore, The Underground agrees to not take offensive military action without authorization from Bad Company, except for countering raids, in such cases, Bad Company shall be notified as soon as it is practical to do so.

Article V - Cancellation Edit

The Underground and Bad Company hold the right to cancel this Venture Protection Agreement. A notice from one alliance’s leadership is required to recognize a treaty cancellation. After a 24 hour notice of cancellation, this treaty shall be considered null and void.

Bad Company holds the right to upgrade this treaty to an ODP. Bad Company must notify the government of The Underground upon the decision to upgrade the treaty. If Bad Company so chooses to upgrade this VPA into an ODP, it shall take effect immediately.

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